Endanger Users of Twitter, Thief Website Condemned

quotes from the Telegraph, Friday (19/2/2010), this site takes data from sites like Twitter. If a user posts to indicate he was not at home, so his name would appear on this site.

"Some people use these sites with bad intentions, hopefully very few in number," said Dr. David Baker, a criminal expert at Monash University.

Simon Davies, director of Privacy Internatinal no less scathing critical. According to him, the site was not responsible because it allows the robbers knew the house empty Twitter user.

But manufacturers argue the site bad intentions. Boy Van Amstel, one of the developers claimed the site is very difficult for thieves take advantage of existing information. The purpose according to the site to raise awareness so that people do not haphazardly written posts on the web.


'Gogole' Jack Google Revenue

Jakarta - What happens when Internet users type in the name of Google in the Internet? Gogole example. Of internet users will lead to other sites rather than to the search engine in question.

The same thing happens on other sites, especially the popular. For example, instead Panodra Pandora and many more.

However, did you know that it is actually profitable Google? Reportedly, due to typing errors like this, Google has the potential to make a profit of U.S. $ 500 million per year!

This is because the action called 'typosquatting' on the internet. This action is a form of cybersquatting (straddling the popular domain names that have not bought one) for the misspelled domain names.

On a typo sites usually only show ads only. Well, the ad was said to have originated mostly from the Google service, which means Google is also a part.

This problem is investigated by Tyler Moore and Benjamin Edelman of Harvard University. As reported by detikINET from Switched.com, Saturday (20/2/2010) They said Google has been supplying the ads in about 60% kecohan sites available.

No wonder, more researchers, if Google made a lot of money from here. It is estimated that the number could reach $ 500 million per year (about USD 4.7 trillion).

Google's own income in the year 2009 is known to reach U.S. $ 23 billion (approximately Rp 214 trillion). Of that amount, as much as 97% of it comes from advertising.

Just a note, the use of the name 'Gogole' in this paper is for illustrative purposes alone. Gogole.com own domain name seems to have been 'rescued' by Google.


Add Favicon to Url Blog Address

How about the step to do that? this is the steps :

  1. First you must have an image, for example like this:

    add favicon to blog

  2. After that, you must change your image to be icon. For do that, you can use favicon Generator, please check out http://www.favicongenerator.com

  3. Click at the "Browse..." button.

  4. Insert your image which will change into favicon.

  5. Click at "Generate Favicon!" button.

  6. After the process is complete, click at "Click Here to Download your favicon".

  7. Save into your computer.

  8. Next step is you must upload your Favicon to image hosting. You can use google page or other One.

  9. Now I assume you have had the URL address of your favicon. For example, I have a favicon URL address like this :

  10. http://www.geocities.com/image/favicon.ico

  11. You must change the favicon URL address to be like this :

  12. <link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://www.geocities.com/image/favicon.ico"/>

  13. Next step is login to blogger with your ID.

  14. Click at "Layout".

  15. Click at "Edit HTML" tab.

  16. Click at "Download full template" link. Save your template into computer (importan !):

  17. Find the code :

  18. Place your "Favicon code" below of . For example :

  19. <link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://www.geocities.com/image/favicon.ico"/>

  20. Click "Save Template" button.

  21. Done. Now you have favicon at your blog URL addres.
Thank to Kang Rohman

8 Tanaman Pengusir Nyamuk

The following is the list of Plants able to drive mosquitoes:

1. Bunga Geranium/tapak dara(Geranium Flowers/tread virgin)

These plants contain a substance that is easy to fly in the air around it. Geranium is very easy to be planted directly in pots or the ground, if the pots can we move into the room. usually sold at a price: RP 25.000, - per pot

2. Bunga Lavender (Lavender Flower)

This plant is native of the Alps in the country "Switzerland" the color purple, clustered tip of the stem. These plants are usually adorned meadows at the foot of the Alps was beautiful. But mosquitoes do not like, because the smell of this flower make mosquito dizzy. Why? Because lavender contains linalool and lynalyl acetate. Both these substances can be obtained from the distillation process to be made into anti-mosquito.

Do we have to distill lavender flowers? Why bother dong, we just planted them in pots or the ground near our bedroom window. cost about 5000-7000 rp / plastic bag, size 3 x 5 cm, about 30-50 it was ready planting lavender seeds.

3. Rosemary Flower

The smell of this flower as Talon oil, fragrance is not it? But mosquitoes do not like, mosquitoes can be stressful and averse approach. The plant will grow well under sunlight and sufficient water needs. Rosemery flowers planted in suitable soil in pots or even window near the door. Price rosemary plants per pot with 50 cm height range 10,000 - Rp15.000

4. Citrosa mosquito

This plant is the enemy of mosquitoes and very fond of the sun. treat fairly easy and requires no special treatment, only with water and fertilizer. when touched, the plant emits a smell of lemon is very strong that will repel insects. This plant comes from the Dutch. for the price i not know, because the flower import so hard to find.

6. mintrosa of lady diana

Almost the same as cintrosa plants, these plants also hated the mosquito. maintenance very easy and is usually used to decorate the house plants. This plant also releases a scent or smell very strongly that it was hated by mosquitoes. This plant comes from the Dutch. as citrosa, difficult to get these imported flowers.

8. kecombrang

Etlingera, kantan, or honje (Etlingera eliator; Nicolaia elatior synonym, Phaeomeria speciosa) is a kind of herb plants and is an annual plant that terna-shaped flowers, fruits, and seeds are used as vegetables. This interest also can ward off mosquitoes. Other names are kincung (Medan) and SIANTAN (Malaysia). Thai people call it kaalaa. These plants cost only 1500/1.


See giant apple

You are a fan of apples, or you sometimes apple farmers. hehe.

but, have you ever seen a giant apple that is very huge. Maybe we eat one's fill.

just look at the picture below.

LOOK under here one more :) :D



10 Most Expensive Toy in the World (pic)

10 most expensive toy in the world, look it, complete with it is images...

1. Darth Vader

Spoiler To see Image:

Darth Vader's helmet from the movie Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, is a real helmet that can be directly applied to look clearer vision than the previous helmet.
Price: $ 115,000 & background.

2. Gundam

Spoiler To see Image:

Platinum Gundam is based on cooperation between companies Bandai by Ginza Tanaka jewelry store. With 125 mm high and weighing about 1.400 grams, this gundam exhibited in Basel, Switzerland.
Price: $ 250,000

3. Ride-On Toy

Spoiler To see Image:

Junior Off Roader toy has a fairly complete facilities to match the original car, start from: protective frame, dual hydraulic disk brakes, rack and pinion steering, manual emergency brake, full front and rear suspension, front and rear suspension, three speed transmission, radio and a CD player with speakers on the side doors. Quite an expensive toy for children.
Price: $ 40,000 USD.

4. Pez

Spoiler To see Image:

Pez names are: 1982 World's Fair Astronaut B Pez Dispenser. Only 2 items are produced. And a prototype for the World's Fair board.
Retrieved auctioned from Pez workers.
Price: $ 32,205.00 USD

5. Toy Gun

Spoiler To see Image:

6mm miniature toy gun can destroy it is thick enough glass to pieces. And with this toy magazine 3000 can also destroy the Japanese weapons.
Price: $ 9,000 USD

6. Mobil Matchbox

Spoiler To see Image:

Toy car (Sea Green Sedan/Opel Diplomat 1966) is a toy Matchbox cars are rare enough to be sought by collectors. Valued around $ 9,000 and is a fairly expensive toy for a small car. When we bought the car when it was produced, only 48 cents appreciated
Price: $ 9,000 USD.

7. Toy Soldiers

Spoiler To see Image:

This toy was made by Don Levine and was the prototype of GI Joe toys in 1963. Levine has sold these toys at the auction held by Heritage Comics Auctions of Dallas, to Baltimore businessman Stephen A. Geppi in 2003.
Price: $ 200,000 USD


Board game boy was made of shiny gold approximately 18 carats. And fitted with a diamond around the monitor is quite a lot. Designed by Aspreys of the London and obtainable in London Supply.
Price: $ 25,000 USD

9. Barbie

Spoiler To see Image:

Barbie Diamond was designed by De Beers, where the body was mounted 160 barbie diamond, with a small size barbie almost throughout the body. This is one of the barbie who was designed in order to celebrate the birthday of the barbie 40.
Price: $ 85,000 USD

10. Hotwheels Diamond

Spoiler to see image:

Hot wheels cars are produced with coated with 18k gold and diamonds of 23 carats. This car was auctioned at Bonhams auction value intervals are quite large. The car itself was designed by Otto Kuhni.
* Auction House: Bonhams & Butterfields
* Auction Date: October 2008
* Size: 77mm long by 31mm wide
* Pre-Auction Estimate: $ 10,000 - $ 20,000 USD


3 Main Pillars in SEO Technique on 2010

Talking about seo certainly never ending, this is because Google itself (and other search engines) are always changing the algorithm on a regular basis (to generate search results more relevant). We as a blogger or SEO, for both beginners and masters buddies certainly can not be sure how the search engine algorithm really is. However we still can analyze and pick up some important points to keep can exist in the search results page or SERP google and other search engines.

In this post titled "3 Main Pillars in SEO Technique on 2010", will discuss the analysis that the owners do in the following 3 points:

1. Internal Link Building

Seo techniques by building Iink Internal method is a method that utilizes every page blog to build a link from one page blog/post with the other pages by using the same blog 1. Examples of internal links are very good building can be seen is the wikipedia site.

2. Quality backlink

Until now, in 2010, will remain backlinks seem to be his soul seo. Surely the day of google and other search engines will continue to improve the selection system of quality backlinks, and not a bad or even (if my friend got a backlink to the category of "bad" best friend must begin to be careful).

3. Frequency update post

If my friend thinks that unique content is important, I think it's already starting to fade on this year. Why? because the evidence duplicate content aka kopas content could be even better than the original article. This can happens with the help of point number 2 is backlink to duplicate content. So, if the original article has a number of backlinks that fewer copies of the content there is a possibility the repairman kopas serp better than the original content in addition to other factors that support the serp.

For that, do post updates regularly and in a fixed time, specify a definite schedule for posting. Each new post try to have at least 1 link to previous articles.

Thus an important 3 points that support the position in serp google mate this year based on the view of a beginner seo, probably from my friend there are additional or different opinion? please argue and exchange ideas. Thank you and hopefully useful.


Mesir Ungkap Sebab Kematian Fir'aun King Tut

Jakarta- Penyebab kematian Fir'aun King Tut yang mati remaja telah lama menjadi misteri, dengan peneliti mengajukan berbagai teori tentang bagaimana ia menemui ajalnya.

Tapi sekarang para ilmuwan yang telah menganalisis DNA dari mumi kerajaan, berhasil membuat pohon keluarga dari penguasa itu dan percaya ia meninggal karena kombinasi malaria dan kelainan tulang.

Raja berusia 19 tahun itu adalah kepala dari dinasti 18 (kira-kira 1550-1295 SM) dari Kerajaan Baru, salah satu kerajaan yang paling kuat di Mesir kuno.

Tut meninggal di 1324BC dan mendapat perhatian dunia ketika Howard Carter menemukan makamnya di Lembah Para Raja pada tahun 1922.

Dia mati muda dan tidak meninggalkan ahli waris dan penyebab kematiannya telah menjadi misteri. Kecelakaan atau bahkan pembunuhan telah diajukan sebagai kemungkinan penyebab kematian dini itu.

Tetapi sekarang para ilmuwan telah menganalisis sejumlah artefak dari makam serta tubuh mummi dan mereka dapat mengkonfirmasi.

Tim dari Supreme Council of Antiquities di Kairo menghabiskan lebih dari dua tahun mempelajari sebelas mummi kerajaan, termasuk Tut sendiri menggunakan antropologi, radiologi, dan teknik genetika.

Beberapa mumi tidak dikenal sebelumnya termasuk 'KV35EL' adalah Tiye, ibu dari Firaun Akhenaten dan nenek dari Tutankhamun, dan mummi KV55 mungkin Akhenaten, ayah dari Tutankhamun.

Mummi tak dikenal sebelumnya dilabeli KV35YL kemungkinan ibu Tutankhamun.

Satu teori mengenai apa yang menyebabkan kematian Tut adalah kelainan genetik yang dikenal sebagai ginekomastia, ketidakseimbangan hormon jantan yang memberikan penampilan perempuan.

Beberapa artefak yang menggambarkan rumah kerajaan mendukung hal itu.

Syndrome Marfan yang menyebabkan tungkai memanjang dan arteri membesar di jantung, juga telah diperdebatkan sebagai faktor yang mungkin turut menjadi penyebab kematiannya.

Tetapi penulis, yang dipimpin oleh Dr Zahi Hawass, menulis "Tidak ada tanda-tanda ginekomastia atau sindrom Marfan ditemukan.

"Oleh karena itu, penampilan artistik tertentu dari orang-orang dalam periode Amarna yang ditetapkan secara meriah kemungkinan berkaitan dengan reformasi keagamaan Akhenaten.

"Rasanya tidak mungkin baik Akhenaten atau Tutankhamun benar-benar ditampilkan secara aneh atau perawakan feminin. Penting untuk dicatat bahwa raja-raja Mesir kuno ditampilkan sebagai diri mereka sendiri dan keluarga mereka diwakili dalam mode ideal."**inilah.com**


Fate of Facebook Threatened Google Buzz

Jakarta - Google has expanded its email services by turning them into social networking. That way Google could soon reach 150 million users and threaten Facebook.

Google Buzz announced in an event held at the company headquarters in Mountain View California. The interesting new products that are carried elements of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter and creating what one senior executive called the 'poster child' company in the future.

Buzz web based Gmail email service that allows users to share information, photos, videos and messages to each other. It also could see what was going on around the phone.

Although such features already present in the various social networking sites, but Google says it entered the region is very important for his future.

"We launched the service today because we had just started," said Bradley Horowitz, Vice President of Google's product marketing. "There are so many opportunities, we can connect in so many ways to other parts of Google and other parts of the Internet."

Instead of forcing users to find their friends online, Buzz uses information from the email account already exists. The service automatically updates displays updates from members, although it also allows a person exposed personal information.

Google hopes to convince users Gmail, which has reached more than 150 million around the world to start using Buzz. It can automatically through MySpace and second place in the world's largest social network.

Facebook, the sixth anniversary last week, currently has more than 400 million users around the world and has become the site of choice for many people. While the social messaging service, Twitter remains one of the internet beginners who have the most rapid development.

To fight the waves, Google has been rolling some new features on its main search engine. The service combines new features such as photos from friends and real-time messages from the various sites.

Instead of forcing users to find their friends online, Buzz uses information from the email account already exists. The service automatically updates displays updates from members, although it also allows a person exposed personal information.

Google hopes to convince users Gmail, which has reached more than 150 million around the world to start using Buzz. It can automatically through MySpace and second place in the world's largest social network.

Facebook, the sixth anniversary last week, currently has more than 400 million users around the world and has become the site of choice for many people. While the social messaging service, Twitter remains one of the internet beginners who have the most rapid development.

To fight the waves, Google has been rolling some new features on its main search engine. The service combines new features such as photos from friends and real-time messages from the various sites.**inilah.com**


Google Demo phone can translate

Jakarta - Not understanding the meaning of a foreign language while on the go?. Do not be afraid Google is working on software that can translate text captured by camera phones.

In a demonstration at the Mobile World Congress, a Google engineer to take a picture style dinner menu with German mobile phone running Android operating system.

An application on the phone and then send the results of the photo images to Google's servers which then sends back the results of the translation into the mobile phone.

Titled 'Fruhlingssalat mit Wildkrautern' which means 'spring salad with wild plants'.

Still no word when a sophisticated software will be available in the market. Software that translates the image into text already available in some phones, but in general the process is carried out within the device.

The demonstration was part of the main speeches Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the trade show is the largest wireless industry.

He said that mobile applications will take advantage of cloud computing, that is, access by the server through a wireless network, and brought major changes to the telecommunications industry.

Schmidt's speech also display video and game demonstration run on the Android phone by using Flash. The format has appeared on various web pages but not able to walk on many phones.**inilah.com**


Evo XI Use Hybrid Engine?

London - Mitsubishi rumored to be releasing the latest generation Lancer Evolution and brought the hybrid technology.

Rumors are circulating in cyberspace mentioned that the Evo XI engine will combine an electric motor that produces 63 horsepower power (hp) that drives the front wheels and four-cylinder turbocharged engine capable of producing 320 hp maximum power to the rear wheels. If Evo XI In total it will produce 350 hp, making this car sped 0-100 km per hour in 4.5 seconds. Note this time two-fifths faster than the Evo X.

Hybrid system that will carried Evo XI is for low speed will use a power source of electric motor, while at high speeds will use ordinary engine. This hybrid system similar to that carried on the Lexus GS and LS.

In addition to the most sophisticated feature brought this car is steering and active roll control suspension. Evo XI reportedly will be released in 2013, although this news is not fixed.


Sketsa Evolution XI Circulating in Cyberspace

London - Sketch Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (Evo) XI circulating in cyberspace. Evo XI rumored to be a car plug-in hybrid that will use electric motors to replace the turbocharger which are common in normal engines.

Evo XI will use the same platform with the concept car plug-in hybrid PX-MiEV which had appeared first in public in the event the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) in 2009. If realized, the 2.0L engine that Evo will be much faster automatic with electric motor assistance through the power of lithium ion batteries. This electric motor will drive the front wheels, while for ordinary engines will drive the rear wheels that make the Evo XI four-wheel drive.

"This electric motor will work like a turbo, it's just more quiet and smooth so that the performance of this car is no doubt," said a source.**inilah.com**


Exotic Dreamland

Bali is a place filled with beautiful charm. After Kuta, there are other places in Bali is very romantic and can be used as a fine resort. One of them at Dreamland Beach.

Tired of the crowded Kuta Beach? You can visit other beaches are still in the area of Bali, the Dreamland Beach.

Dreamland is a resort located in Pecalu, Temple is located 40 km from Denpasar and 3 km from Garuda Wisnu Kencana.

Being on the edge of the hill and on the coast, making Dreamland amazing place and quiet.

There, you can enjoy crystal clear swimming pool. While swimming or just sunbathing, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach from a distance. When swimming, it felt like one with sea water, because the beautiful scenery Dreamland very close to Kuta Beach.

You also can come to the klapa restaurant, one of the existing facilities there to put the stomach after a tired surfing and playing water.

The wave of challenges, is the main attraction of this beach. Here, you can also surf while enjoying the satisfaction pemandanagan exotic.

To enjoy the beauty of Dreamland, you can just spend 15 thousand per car. Prices are not expensive to enjoy the beauty of the Earth Indonesia.

Welcome to enjoy the beauty of Dreamland.**vibizlife.com**


Spice up the your New Year with orange trees and meihwa tree

We celebrate Chinese New Year, we did not forget this one. The color is red and pink from Meihwa tree, making the current atmosphere like spring. Trees have many Meihwa everywhere, from the Chinatown area to office areas.

Like a Christmas tree that usually there is always a Christian home at Christmas, then the tree must Meihwa also present at the "imlek". Existence Meihwa tree, making the atmosphere "Imlek" so much felt.

"It is generally Meihwa pink tree, but now there is also a red and yellow. Even today people ordering more red trees. We also can choose the size appropriate to our needs. Which would, of greater or smaller? "Said trader at Glodok.

Problems can still affordable prices kok, for small approximately USD 20 thousand and 250 thousand big worth. Moreover, the Chinese celebrate the new year we can only celebrate once a year, because it lets us decorate "imlek" by Meihwa tree.

Meihwa trees usually placed at home or at work, as a tree in celebration of Lunar New Year luck. Everyone welcome Imlek, this tree is used as a place to put angpao, but we also can write a wish and put into envelopes, then placed around the tree Meihwa.

In addition Meihwa trees, orange trees are also much in demand during the Chinese new year. For gold citrus trees symbolizing fortune and more fruit, the more well sustenance. That's why there are orange trees must also in the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Celebrating Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, with Meihwa trees and orange trees would be more fun. Colorful beauty of the tree Meihwa and refreshing citrus trees, will make your new year even more festive. Moreover, to celebrate with family and those closest.


The beauty of Mountain Seulawah, Aceh Besar

You have to Banda Aceh? for those of you who often or ever to Banda Aceh, course through the Seulawah mountains, how about the beauty of the Seulawah mountain served by it.

Very fascinating, Mount Seulawah is one of the most famous mountain in Aceh, Mount Seulawah not alone, but Mount Seulawah has his brother. this is called Seulawah Agam and Seulawah Ineng.


The Beauty Of Lhoknga Beach In Aceh

Natural beauty of the beach following Lhoknga reflects how beautiful beaches in Indonesia


10 Sites and web services deserves attention in 2010

2009 has passed and now we are in the new year, 2010. During the year 2009 we see how quickly the internet development followed by the more varied the types of websites and services offered.

Now enter the year 2010 may be a trend for the popular website can change over the previous year. And for that let us predict a website, web services and mobile sites which could clear his fate in this year.

1. Bing

Microsoft's search engine, in the last year have started to show much improvement and over time can seem attractive to Internet users. This year and for any Bing estimated to be more shining slowly the previous Google rival unshakable in the search engine market.

2. Fancast Xfinity TV

Comcast is known as one of the major players in the field of media will release a Web-based version of their cable TV show. With this new service, Fancast Xfinity TV, we can watch cable TV on your PC on demand. Currently Xfinity services already offered 2000 hours of movies and TV shows. But it seems to Indonesia market still could.

3. Android Market

Android operating system is now controlled 3.5% share of the smartphone market in the world. But according to Gartner's prediction, Android is expected to become the second most popular smartphone operating system in 2012 after the iPhone OS Android Market so that services could be on this year will shine as the increased use Android handset.

4. Google Voice

Want to call near and far but with low cost and even free? Google Voice may be the answer to those who want a cheap phone. This service is not running as it gets opposition from some parties such as Apple and AT & T. But apparently Google Voice no longer in circulation since last year Google has bought Gizmo5, a VoIP service provider.

5. Grooveshark

rapid growth in the last two quarters because of the highly sought-after services of free music. Grooveshark is an online music search engine, streaming music services and software applications international music recommendation website that allows users to search for streams and free upload music to play right away. Year 2010 is estimated to be more Grooveshark skyrocketed.

6. Justin.tv

Unlike with youtube, which only shows the videos that have been recorded, on Justin.tv we can find the video streams of all kinds, and each captured in real time by members of Justin.tv with their video cameras. Particularly for those who frequently use Justin.tv to watch live sports show, must have been familiar with this site.

7. Clicker

Online video services are mushrooming and are increasingly more favorable for the users of the Internet and Clicker allows us in finding the desired video category. Clicker helps Internet users find what they are looking for videos of the many sites online video services available.

8. Yammer

Yammer is like Twitter for the workgroup. Atmosphere so that a boring job with the Yammer became more cheerful.

9. Postabon

Shopping in the team. Shopping socially. The concept is cool like that offered by Postabon. Postabon specialize so that we can save money by connecting you with the discount recommendations informed by the other customers in our area.

10. Wikitravel.org

When we travel, we will be helped by knowing accurate information about where we are headed. And inspired by Wikipedia, Wikitravel offers some information about tourist attractions around the world, including the recommendation of the places we visit and what-what we can do there.


12 Coolest Robots That Must you know

Currently we see a hobby to make the robot is not only done by those ordinary professors or students, children and adolescents had a lot of that has begun to make robots. Regardless of the level of difficulty, robots created by children and adolescents have a hobby that prove that they learn is not a hobby that is not possible to learn.

As more and more-maker robot maker, also makes a variety of work they produce. Various robot with the function and purpose have been made, beginning that aimed to the needs of industry, health, human servants and friends, military and other functions.

This follows a 12 coolest robots, the result of technology. they have functions and roles of each

This robots are made by companies Robotics and CSS can be used for several purposes, for example to deliver drugs in a hospital that used to be done by a nurse or to transport equipment and materials in the lab.

2. The Haptic Wand made Quanser

A robot that works like human hands, could be moved to the right, left, up and down. Used for virtual surgery.

3. Robosoft artificial RobuLab10

RobuLab10 equipped with a laser, ultrasound, cameras and IP connectivity. Its function is to help care for someone who has limited mobility in their homes. Equipped also with the ability to speak so as to remind patients when to take his medicine.

4. Segway RMP

Take a look at the picture below the robot, so solid. Segway RMP is a robot built with the capability faster, cheaper and can carry more weight than the existing robots.

5. Segway bomb disposal robots

A single robot is used to identify packets that a bomb or suspicious, and then try to tame it with water it with high pressure water hose.

6. iRobot's PacBot510

This lightweight robot used with the infantry and if there is to find things suspicious so he immediately picked up and clean up.

7. iRobot's SUGV

A tiny robot that can walk with a speed of 6 miles per hour and can be inserted into the bag. Used for military purposes and to help the police, for example in hostage situations.

8. Gamer technology

A military robot that is very expensive which is controlled by the game controller (stick games) such as PS and easier to use.

9. Robot Maars Foster-Miller made co.

Military robots can be used to transport heavy goods and move it. It is also used in an attempt to taming the bomb.

10. Robot TALON made by Foster-Miller

Talon robot to go on duty to the place where humans are at risk to enter, as a place full of gas or radiation. Also used to move the explosives from one place.

11. WAM Arm made by Barrett Technology

WAM Arm is a deft robotic hand that the scenario can be used to assist rehabilitation of medical and other needs.

12. Keepon made by Beetbot

Keepon is a robot designed to interact with the children in the context of social development research and therapy of autistic children. Function as a camera eye and his nose is a microphone.


Do not Forget to Set Administrator Password in Windows 7

For users of Windows 7 you have to be careful! When you install Windows 7, Windows 7 you will create the Administrator account automatically. Account by default in the disable position and without a password. And the first account that you use at the time in Windows 7 is your own account with the privilege (authority) Administrator.

Rates are very likely to enabled, an attacker could have made an application to enable the Administrator user with only one line command.

'net user administrator /active:yes’

and then using an administrator user to do what the attacker wants, as an example an attacker could have opened the file-sharing drive C (default share C $) course with an administrator user with no password.

This is a little different with Windows XP, if the Windows XP installation when you are required to enter an administrator password, then in Windows 7 you just enter a user name. This user name that will be a user with administrator privillege. So when you enter Windows 7 first time, the user is what you wear (with administrator privileges) account and disable the administrator in a state without a password.

Conclusion: For safety reasons it is better you also assign a password (set password) Administrator on Windows 7 and disable sharing drive C that is Hiden default share C $.

Source: http://www.erakomputer.com/content/tip/01/Jangan-lupa-seting-password-administrator-di-Windows-7


60 people killed, fats for cosmetics

Sadistic and horrible! November was horrendous. Human beings were killed, the fat is taken and then used as an ingredient in cosmetics. Fat-Man was sold to the cosmetics industry in Europe.

No fewer than 60 people were killed for blubber taken by 11 people murderers. 4 of them have been arrested, while the other 7 are still being hunted by the police of Peru.

"Fat was purchased to be traded in the laboratories of Europe's beauty, and cosmetics, cosmetics marketed throughout the world," said chief prosecutor Sans Jorge Quiroz.

According to the statements of the suspects, taken by the elements they are fat in several organs and fat tissue located in the skin. Fats were then sold at a price of U $ $ 15,000 (Rp.150.000.000, -) per liter to the European countries.

In the prosecutor's indictment was written, the alleged conspiracy targeting farmers and indigenous people on remote roads to be victims. The victims were persuaded jobs before they were killed.

Police make arrests earlier this month when finding a container containing human body fat was shipped to Lima (Peru's capital) from the Andean city of Huanuco, about 400 kilometers northeast of Lima.

The signs of the existence of international trade network of human fat first appeared about two months ago. So according to General Felix Burga, chief of criminal division of the Police of Peru.

The disclosure of this case makes the pros and cons of the use of fats for cosmetics. One medical experts doubt that human fat for cosmetic, despite having medical applications. Human fat is usually to remove wrinkles on the body, but it is always taken from the patient's abdomen or buttocks concerned.

"There will be life-threatening risk if taken from the fat people," says Neil Sadick, professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York.

One of the arrested suspects to the police saying that this action has been carried out killings for more than three decades. This group is called pishtacos, which is a legendary name in Peru killer who attacked people on the streets and kill them to take the fat.

In a press conference in the capital, police showed two bottles of human fat and photographs that allegedly was the victim. One murder occurred in mid-September, in which the victim's body tissue has been lost for sale.

7 people fugitives still sought by the police there, among the seven fugitives there are 2 person Italian citizens who act as receiver of human fat. Meanwhile, the suspect had 4 people go through the claims by the Attorney General of Peru.

Well, horror, too yes, I do hope cosmetics, cosmetics that circulated in Indonesia, particularly the import there is no element of human fat. However, to know it requires the participation of government and police in the Republic.



10 Past keyboard that failure market

1. IBM PCjr (1984)

The first keyboard that shipped IBM remains the worst of all time. One of the cordless models that never existed, he needs to supply batteries to operate. IBM creating a Chiclet keyboard with hard plastic that does not allow the letters printed on them (instead, letters, numbers and symbols printed on the font above each key). The reporters quickly predicted that this product will be discontinued within one year. But strangely enough, IBM also introduced a keyboard with 101 keys, called the "Model M" - which by some people called the best keyboard - in the year 1984.

2. Commodore PET 2001 (1977)

Commodore computer pioneers began to create a bad keyboard when PET was issued for the first time in 1977. PET has a small space key instead of Spacebar keys that exists is very important. Plus you will not know when you have successfully pressed a button, because the thin membrane.

3. Mattel Aquarius (1983)

Mattel with "smart" places Reset button that can cause an accident while typing. Plus Return button placement makes it strange that the worst keyboards ever.

4. Timex Sinclair 1000 (1982)

Timex Sinclair 1000 through a new line when entering the PC market in the U.S. retail price $ 100, you will not get much: only black and white display, no sound, 2kb of RAM and a small keyboard is small and flat. Due to the small size, Sinclair makes the scheme BASIC keyword commands for each key, so users only need to press one button (P for Print), aim to facilitate the course. But when you press the button without the intention to use basic commands, you'll go crazy made.

5. Atari 400 (1979)

Atari 400 key fully flat, so users will not know if he has successfully pressed a button. Atari 400 keyboard benefits from a standard layout placement, but the dangerous Break key is located on the right side Backspace key. For students who are working on final assignment, it is advisable to be careful.

6. Tandy TRS-80 Micro Color Computer MC-10 (1983)

Tandy must be jealous of the success of the Spartan Timex Sinclair 1000 when he launched his 10-year MC-1983, whose designs are not concerned with minimization. For almost every job, a bigger computer (such as the TRS-80 Color Computer) would do a better job. MC-10 keyboard is surprisingly very responsive for a Chiclet keyboard. Unfortunately, many keys have 4 different functions simultaneously. And the layout, he has 4 short: Break the button there should be places where the Backspace key, no Backspace key, there is no shift key on the left, and reflects a shift key function in the opposite. But at least this time he has Spacebar key.

7. Texas Instruments TI-99/4 (1979)

With the launch of TI-99 / 4 in 1979, pioneering an integrated circuit - Texas Instruments makes the step into the home computer market with a price of $ 1150 per package which includes a special monitor and a Chiclet keyboard looks like a calculator. The most disturbing of these is the function of the keyboard Shift key-Q that will stop all programs and turn off the computer. Many who lost a full day of work just to make a capital letter Q.

8. Commodore PET 2001-32-N (1978)

Many critics are saying now revising the Commodore PET (model 2001-32-N) was launched as an update from the keyboard of the first Commodore PET. But for one thing, the design is still putting the Run / Stop button next to the Return. And in addition, he still did not have a Backspace key.

9. Timex Sinclair 2068 (1983)

In order to improve the Sinclair ZX for the U.S. market, instead launches Timex Timex Sinclair bad product in 2068. Using the keyboard in 2068 without adequate training, the same as typing while drunk or typing with my eyes closed. Some buttons have different functions 6. And the worst is that he does not have the backspace key. Are the creators assume that typists would not make a mistake?

10. Commodore 64 (1982)

Commodore 64 had at least three weaknesses, he was visually confusing, with many symbols on each key. He was not ergonomic wrist, making it hard for an amateur typist. And the layout of the keyboard is bad because a lot of keys laying much of the wrong button. For example, the laying of the Home / Clear the left Delete (Backspace) so that makes users more often send the cursor to the top of the screen.

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