The first experience with adsense payment through western union

Western Union is a new way of making payment adsense, maybe my post about adsense payment, or about the western union is very late. but, what the hell this is my personal experience that it can taste adsense effort. after a few months with adsense is not come to $100, but then "Thank God" came too $100.

After $100, exactly $102 I immediately took the information about my adsense payment listed in the adsense account, take it where? yes take it to the bank. the banks that accept payment through Western Union (WU). I first came to panam pekanbaru independent bank, but there is not available WU, then the banks' Shariah Mandiri "and Bank Panin, had two banks could not serve. Shari'ah bank because its services have been damaged, Bank Panin did not accept Western Union. then with the courage and the heart pounding I ask you to Bank Danamon in pekanbaru Nangka road. "Thank God" was the bank did receive fast payouts and secure delivery via western union.

Payment by western union, it was very easy, we just have to fill in the form of fee revenue from google adsense, then the Bank Danamon check our payment, if it is correct, we just stay waiting adsense money making process which was $100. we do not charge, even for the price Rp.6000 seal directly deducted from our payments.

We have provided a resident challenge cards, and our adsense payment information, that's all. and then our money could be liquid directly on the spot, about 30 minutes. That's the first experience with google adsense payment, which became my encouragement to continue developing in adsense.

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