8.8-magnitude earthquake hits central Chile

SANTIAGO, Chile – A massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck Chile early Saturday, killing at least 78 people, collapsing buildings and setting off a tsunami.

A huge wave reached a populated area in the Robinson Crusoe Islands, 410 miles (660 kilometers) off the Chilean coast, said President Michele Bachelet.

Tsunami warnings were issued over a wide area, including South America, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, the Philippines, Russia and many Pacific islands.

"It has been a devastating earthquake," Interior Minister Edmundo Perez Yoma told reporters.

Bachelet said the death toll was at 78 and rising, but officials had no information on the number of people injured. She declared a "state of catastrophe" in central Chile.

"We have had a huge earthquake, with some aftershocks," Bachelet said from an emergency response center. She urged Chileans not to panic.

"Despite this, the system is functioning. People should remain calm. We're doing everything we can with all the forces we have. Any information we will share immediately," she said.

In the 2 1/2 hours following the 90-second quake, the U.S. Geological Survey reported 11 aftershocks, five of them measuring 6.0 or above.

Bachelet urged people to avoid traveling, since traffic lights are down, to avoid causing more fatalities.

In the capital, Santiago airport was shut down and will remain closed for at least the next 24 hours, airport director Eduardo del Canto said. The passenger terminal has suffered major damage, he told Chilean television in a telephone interview. TV images show smashed windows, partially collapsed ceilings and pedestrian walkways destroyed.

Chilean television showed images of destroyed buildings and damaged cars, with rubble-strewn streets. Dozens of people were seen roaming through the streets, including some wheeling suitcases behind them. There was a fire burning in one street with people sitting nearby trying to keep warm.

The quake hit 200 miles (325 kilometers) southwest of Santiago, at a depth of 22 miles (35 kilometers) at 3:34 a.m. (0634 GMT; 1:34 a.m. EST), the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

The epicenter was just 70 miles (115 kilometers) from Concepcion, Chile's second-largest city, where more than 200,000 people live along the Bio Bio river, and 60 miles from the ski town of Chillan, a gateway to Andean ski resorts that was destroyed in a 1939 earthquake.

Marco Vidal, a program director for Grand Circle Travel traveling with a group of 34 Americans, was on the 19th floor of the Crown Plaza Santiago hotel when the quake struck.

"All the things start to fall. The lamps, everything, was going on the floor. And it was moving like from south to north, oscillated. I felt terrified," he said.

Cynthia Iocono, from Linwood, Pennsylvania, said she first thought the quake was a train.

"But then I thought, oh, there's no train here. And then the lamps flew off the dresser and my TV flew off onto the floor and crashed."

"It was scary, but there really wasn't any panic. Everybody kind of stayed orderly and looked after one another," Iocono said.

In Santiago, modern buildings are built to withstand earthquakes, but many older ones were heavily damaged, including the Nuestra Senora de la Providencia church, whose bell tower collapsed. An apartment building's two-level parking lot also flattened onto the ground floor, smashing about 50 cars whose alarms and horns rang incessantly. A bridge just outside the capital also collapsed, and at least one car flipped upside down.

In the coastal city of Vina del Mar, the earthquake struck just as people were leaving a disco, Julio Alvarez told Radio Cooperativa in Santiago. "It was very bad, people were screaming, some people were running, others appeared paralyzed. I was one of them."

Bachelet said she was declaring a "state of catastrophe" in three central regions of the country, and that while emergency responders were waiting for first light to get details, it was evident that damage was extensive.

She said Chile has not asked for assistance from other countries.

Several hospitals have been evacuated due to earthquake damage, she said, and communications with the city of Concepcion remained down. She planned to tour the effected region as quickly as possible to get a better idea of the damage.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center called for "urgent action to protect lives and property" in Hawaii, which is among 53 nations and territories subject to tsunami warnings.

A huge wave reached a populated area in the Robinson Crusoe Islands, 410 miles (660 kilometers) off the Chilean coast, Bachelet said. There were no immediate reports of major damage there, she added.

"Sea level readings indicate a tsunami was generated. It may have been destructive along coasts near the earthquake epicenter and could also be a threat to more distant coasts," the warning center said. It did not expect a tsunami along the west of the U.S. or Canada but was continuing to monitor the situation.

The largest earthquake ever recorded struck the same area of Chile on May 22, 1960. The magnitude-9.5 quake killed 1,655 people and left 2 million homeless. The tsunami that it caused killed people in Hawaii, Japan and the Philippines and caused damage to the west coast of the United States.


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Mars mystery unfold! Found 9 Pyramids and Impressions High Civilization

Is there life on Mars? Humans began looking for answers to this question in 1976, after the publication of photographs of human-like figure sitting on piles of stones. Many say that human-like figure was a trick of light, but others believe the figure was true man. Until now 'mysterious' is still a mystery. Pro and contradictions of the 'strange figure' were still there.

One scientist said, the possibility of 'person' it is human. His appearance is a sign that there is life there. Now there are more new evidence. Recently telescope cameras captured nine pyramids on Mars. Pyramid was not made by nature.

Pyramid illustrates the human faces and animals, as well as a large picture showing the profile of primates and dogs.

Andrew Basiago, president of Mars Anomaly Research Society, called the discovery 'A New Cydonia. "The scientists believe that there are three civilizations on Mars, one of which was hidden beneath the surface of the planet.

Scientists have previously said that the pictures taken by Spirit Rover contains photographs of the five species of primates, one called 'Sendak'. Basiago convinced that Mars was once the community has developed a high civilization. But then terrible disaster that destroyed almost everything around the Red Planet at 11,500 years ago, and the Atlantis on Earth.

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Misteri Adolf Hitler Terkuak! Ternyata Dia Kabur dan Meninggal di Indonesia!!

Diktator Jerman, Adolf Hitle0r diyakini tewas bunuh diri di sebuah bunker di Berlin pada 30 April 1945. Namun, fakta itu kini dipertanyakan.

Seperti dikutip dari laman Daily Telegraph, Senin 28 September 2009, Program History Channel Documentary Amerika Serikat menyatakan tengkorak milik Hitler yang disimpan Rusia bukan milik pemimpin NAZI tersebut.

Itu adalah tengkorak perempuan berusia di bawah 40 tahun, bukan Hitler yang dinyatakan meninggal di usia 56 tahun.

Penemuan ini, menguatkan kembali teori konspirasi bahwa Hitler tidak mati pada 1945. Dia diduga melarikan diri dan mati di usia tua.

Sejumlah teori beredar soal dimana kematian Hitler. Ada yang mengatakan Hitler meninggal di Argentina, Brazil, Amerika Selatan, bahkan Indonesia.

Jurnalis Argentina sekaligus pengarang buku 'Bariloche Nazi', Abel Basti meyakini Hitler tewas di Argentina pada 1960.

Basti mengklaim Hitler melarikan diri dari Jerman menggunakan kapal selam. Bersama belahan jiwanya, Eva Braun, Hitler diyakini menghabiskan hari-hari terakhirnya di sebuah kota bernama Bariloche. Basti mendasarkan klaimnya atas keterangan beberapa saksi.

Kemudian, seperti dikutip laman Salisburypost, 30 Agustus 1999, artikel surat kabar pada 17 Juli 1945, memberitakan Hitler dan Eva braun terlihat di Argentina.

Seorang wartawan mengirim cerita dari Montevideo ke Chicago Times -- Hitler dan Braun melarikan diri ke Argentina dengan kapal selam. Keduanya hidup di kompleks orang-orang Jerman di Patagonia.

Sementara, klaim bahwa Hitler meninggal di Brazil didasarkan pengakuan anggota NAZI bahwa Hitler meninggal pada 1980 di Brazil.

Brazil diketahui sebagai tempat pelarian para mantan pengikut Hitler. Sebuah makam NAZI bahkan ditemukan di pedalaman Hutan Amazon, lengkap dengan lambang NAZI di nisan yang berbentuk salib.

Makam NAZI di pedalaman Amazon

Sebuah artikel mengejutkan telah lama beredar di sejumlah mailing list dan laman jejaring sosial. Artikel itu berisi versi lain cerita kematian diktator Jerman, Adolf Hitler. Dikatakan Hitler meninggal di Indonesia.

Cerita ini berawal dari sebuat artikel di Harian Pikiran Rakyat pada tahun 1983. Penulisnya bernama dr Sosrohusodo -- dokter lulusan Universitas Indonesia yang pernah bertugas di kapal yang dijadikan rumah sakit bernama 'Hope' di Sumbawa Besar.

Dia menceritakan pengalamannya bertemu dengan dokter tua asal Jerman bernama Poch di Pulau Sumbawa Besar tahun 1960. Poch adalah pimpinan sebuah rumah sakit terbesar di pulau tersebut.

Klaim yang diajukan dr Sosrohusodo jadi polemik. Dia mengatakan dokter tua asal Jerman yang dia temui dan ajak bicara adalah Hitler di masa tuanya

Bukti-bukti yang diajukan Sosrohusodo, adalah bahwa dokter tersebut tak bisa berjalan normal --- Dia selalu menyeret kaki kirinya ketika berjalan.

Kemudian, tangannya, kata Sosrohusodo, tangan kiri dokter Jerman itu selalu bergetar. Dia juga punya kumis vertikal mirip Charlie Chaplin, dan kepalanya gundul.

Kondisi ini diyakini mirip dengan gambaran Hilter di masa tuanya -- yang ditemukan di sejumlah buku biografi sang Fuhrer. Saat bertemu dengannya di tahun 1960, orang yang diduga Hitler berusia 71 tahun.

Menurut Sosrohusodo, dokter asal Jerman yang dia temui sangat misterius. Dia tidak punya lisensi untuk jadi dokter, bahkan dia sama sekali tak punya keahlian tentang kesehatan.

Keyakinan Sosro, bahwa dia bertemu Hitler dan Eva Braun, membuatnya makin tertarik membaca buku dan artikel soal Hitler. Kata dia, setiap melihat foto Hitler di masa jayanya, dia makin yakin bahwa Poch, dokter tua asal Jerman yang dia temui adalah Hitler.

Keyakinannya bertambah saat seorang keponakannya, pada 1980, memberinya buku biografi Adolf Hitler karangan Heinz Linge yang diterjemahkan dalam Bahasa Indonesia oleh Try Budi Satria.

Dalam halaman 59 artikel itu diceritakan kondisi fisik Hitler di masa tua. "Sejumlah orang Jerman tahu Hitler menyeret kakinya saat berjalan, penglihatannya makin kabur, rambutnya tak lagi tumbuh. Kala perang makin berkecamuk dan Jerman terus dipukul kalah, Hitler menderita kelainan syaraf."

Saat membaca buku tersebut, Sosro makin yakin, sebab kondisi fisik yang sama dia temukan pada diri Poch.

Dalam buku tersebut juga diceritakan tangan kiri Hitler selalu bergetar sejak pertempuran Stalingrad (1942 -1943) -- yang merupakan pukulan dahsyat bagi tentara Jerman.

Sosro mengaku masih ingat beberapa percakapannya dengan Poch yang diduga adalah Hitler. Poch selalu memuji-muji Hitler. Dia juga mengatakan tak ada pembunuhan di Auschwitz, kamp konsentrasi yang diyakini sebagai lokasi pembantaian orang-orang Yahudi.

"Saat saya bertanya soal kematian Hitler, dia mengatakan tak tahu. Sebab, saat itu situasi di Berlin dalam keadaan chaos. Semua orang berusaha menyelamatkan diri masing-masing," kata Sosrohusodo, seperti dimuat laman Militariana.

Sosro mengaku pernah memeriksa tangan kiri Poch yang selalu bergetar. Saat menanyakan kapan gejala ini mulai terjadi, Poch lalu bertanya pada istrinya yang lalu menjawab, "ini terjadi ketika Jerman kalah di pertempuran dekat Moskow. Saat itu Goebbels mengatakan padamu bahwa kau memukuli meja berkali-kali."

Goebbels yang disebut istri Poch diduga adalah Joseph Goebbe, menteri propaganda Jerman yang dikenal loyal dengan Hilter. Kata Sosro, istri Poch, yang diduga Eva Braun, beberapa kali memanggil suaminya 'Dolf', yang diduga kependekan dari Adolf Hitler.

Usai membaca artikel-artikel tersebut, Sosro mengaku menghubungi Sumbawa Besar. Dari sana, dia memperoleh informasi dr Poch meninggal di Surabaya.

Poch meninggal pada 15 Januari 1970 pukul 19.30 di Rumah Sakit Karang Menjangan Surabaya karena serangan jantung, dalam usia 81 tahun. Dia dimakamkan sehari kemudian di daerah Ngagel.

Sementara istrinya yang asal Jerman pulang ke tanah airnya, Poch diketahui menikah lagi dengan wanita Sunda asal Bandung berinisial S. Dia diketahui tinggal di Babakan Ciamis.

Setelah menutup mulut, S akhirnya memberi semua dokumen milik suaminya pada Sosro. termasuk foto perkawinan, surat izin mengemudi lengkap dengan sidik jari Poch.

Ada juga buku catatatan berisi nama-nama orang Jerman yang tinggal di beberapa negara, seperti Argentina, Italia, Pakistan, Afrika Selatan, dan Tibet. Juga beberapa tulisan tangan steno dalan bahasa Jerman

Buku catatan Poch berisi dua kode, J.R. KepaD No.35637 dan 35638, kode simbol lelaki dan perempuan.

"Ada kemungkinan buku catatatan dimiliki dua orang, Hitler dan Eva Braun," kata Sosro.

Ada juga tulisan yang diduga rute pelarian Hitler -- yakni B (Berlin), S (Salzburg), G (Graz), J (Jugoslavia), B (Belgrade), S (Sarajevo), R (Rome), sebelum dia ke Sumbawa Besar.

Istri kedua Poch, S juga menceritakan suatu hari dia melihat suaminya mencukur kumis dengan gaya mirip Hitler. Ketika dia bertanya, suaminya menjawab, "jangan bilang siapa-siapa."

Sosro mengaku tak ada maksud tersembunyi di balik pengakuannya. "Saya hanya ingin menunjukan Hitler meninggal di Indonesia," kata dia.

Hingga saat ini apakah Hitler tewas di bunker, di Argentina, Brazil, atau Indonesia, belum bisa dipastikan. Kisah akhir hayat 'sang Fuhrer' terus jadi misteri.

source: http://www.matabumi.com/berita/misteri-adolf-hitler-terkuak-ternyata-dia-kabur-dan-meninggal-di-indonesia

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