Australian mystery clouds amazing (pictures)

Cloud is very long and strange appeared in Australia. Cloud which has a length of up to 900 km was moving 56 km per hour. The cloud can cause problems even when the aircraft flew in the daytime.

Known as the Morning Glory cloud cloud that always comes up every autumn in Burketown, Queensland Australia remote town with a population of only 200 people. The pilot brought many tourists to the site each year to do 'surf the clouds' in the mysterious phenomenon.

A similar cloud forms appeared in several regions around the world. But until now no one can explain the cause of the Morning Glory cloud.


Tapak Kaki Raksasa Gemparkan Aceh

Ribuan warga dari berbagai desa di Kabupaten Aceh Tamiang, Provinsi Aceh, berduyun-duyun menyaksikan tapak kaki berukuran raksasa di pinggir Sungai Tamiang, Desa Gelung, Kecamatan Seruway.

"Itu merupakan fakta, dan saya sendiri menyaksikan sebuah tapak kaki berukuran panjang 95 centimeter dan lebar 40 centimeter di pinggir Sungai Tamiang," kata Camat Kecamatan Seruway, Asra, saat dihubungi dari Banda Aceh, Jumat (12/2/2010) malam. Ia menyebutkan informasi tentang adanya tapak kaki mirip tapak kaki kiri manusia, namun ukurannya cukup besar itu, tersebar begitu cepat, sehingga masyarakat antusias berbondong-bondong menyaksikannya.

Asra menceritakan, kronologis ditemukan tapak kaki "raksasa" itu berawal dari seorang petani yang sedang menanam padi di areal sawahnya di desa tersebut pada Kamis (11/2) petang. "Awalnya, petani itu melihat sekitar 12 ekor sapi yang masuk ke areal sawah, kemudian petani tersebut mencoba mengusirnya.

Namun, tiba-tiba sapi itu hilang dari pandangan mata warga tersebut," kata dia menjelaskan. Kemudian, petani tersebut kaget ketika menyaksikan sebuah tapak kaki berukuran besar dan temuannya langsung dilaporkan kepada warga lainnya. Selanjutnya, warga Desa Gelung berbondong-bondong menyaksikan tapak kaki raksasa yang ada di pinggir Sungai Tamiang.

Informasi tersebut terus berkembang sampai ke Kuala Simpang, ibukota Aceh Tamiang, sekitar 550 kilometer timur Kota Banda Aceh. Asra menjelaskan, sejak Jumat (12/2) pagi, ribuan warga dari berbagai kecamatan di Aceh Tamiang berbondong-bondong ingin menyaksikan fakta langka berupa tapak kaki raksasa di desa tersebut.

Menurut informasi, tapak kaki raksasa seperti itu pernah muncul di Desa Paya Udang, desa tetangga Gelung sekitar 1987. "Menurut cerita para orangtua, munculnya tapak kaki raksasa itu pernah terlihat di Desa Paya Udang. Munculnya tapak kaki raksasa dipahami masyarakat sebagai sebuah peringatan," kata Camat Asra.


Google Purchase of Social Services Search Aardvark

Internet giant "Google" has purchased Aardvark, the search social services specifically designed to answer questions from users. Aardvark will forward these questions to the social networking service, and choosing the right answer.

"I can confirm that we have signed an agreement with Google," founder and chief technology Damon Horowitz Aardvark in the email to AFP as reported by Antara.

However, it can not comment further about the acquisition. Leading technology blog TechCrunch estimate the purchase price was not less than 50 million U.S. dollars.

Aardvark is based in San Francisco is a start-up company founded in 2007. The founders include former Google employee and now employs about 20 people.

Aardvark using the network of contacts in person to provide answers to questions via the Web at, instant messaging, email or Twitter. In a blog posting recently, Aardvark said it had had more than 90,000 users in October 2009 and 87.7 percent of the questions sent to Aardvark receive an answer from a friend or friend of a friend.

Aardvark said 75 percent of users who ask questions Aardvark also answer questions for others. Each question is answered claimed today between 5-10 minutes depending on the type of questions and the number of networks owned by its users.

Later, working on Google's social networking service. Last strategic move is to a Google service that adds features Buzz status updates and sharing links, photos, and videos through Gmail.



2015 Honda CB750 Concept- Keren Abiss ooiii

Concept 2015 Honda CB750

This motor seems like ever imagined in a video-game video 90s. Frame from carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium makes this 2015 Honda CB750 able to carry a heavy burden of the rider. Powered by liquid hydrogen engine has 4 cylinders and features on boar-controlled computers touceh an OLED screen. Radar technology to make this bike will slow down when going to crash. Of course, this feature can be disabled if you do not like it.


Pesta Penis' Upaya Melestarikan Ritual Budaya Berusia Ribuan Tahun

pesta penis

‘Ritual Penis' di kota Komaki adalah tradisi ritual yang dipercaya telah ada sejak ribuan tahun lalu. Ritual keagamaan yang unik ini kemudian berkembang menjadi ‘Pesta Penis' atau Festival Penis atau di Jepang disebut, ‘Hounen Matsuri', dan kini telah menjadi komoditi pariwisata.

Festival Penis ini diadakan setiap tanggal 15 Maret, diselenggarakan oleh Kuil Tagata Jinja, sebuah kuil untuk ibadah pemeluk Shinto, agama resmi di Jepang. Kuil ini juga biasa dijuluki Kuil Penis. Kuil kuno ini konon telah berusia ribuan tahun-berdasarkan temuan adanya pedang kuno dan tembikar yang ada di kuil-namun baru ditemukan pada tahun 1935. Djuluki Kuil Penis karena di sekitarnya banyak ditemukan situs-situs berbentuk penis, baik yang terbuat dari batu ataupun kayu.

Ada banyak cerita yang berkembang seputar sejarah Kuil Penis maupun ritual Festival ini, namun katanya, upacara ritual ini untuk merayakan (syukuran) atas kesuburan manusia yang melimpah dan kemakmuran. Uniknya, selain ada situs-situs berbentuk penis, tak jauh dari kuil penis itu, terdapat juga kuil dengan situs berbentuk kelamin wanita. Kuil itu disebut Ogata (Oogata) Jinja.

Upacara yang menarik perhatian wisatawan local juga mancanegara ini, mulai berlangsung pada 15 Maret. Pada saat itu lingga atau kayu berbentuk penis sepanjang 2,5 meter yang berada di kuil Tagata, akan dipanggul oleh 12 laki-laki.

Namanya saja Festival Penis, maka anda bisa membayangkan kalau segala macam souvenir yang dijual di sana semuanya berbentuk penis. Nyaris tidak ada seorang pun yang hadir di sana tanpa membawa benda berbentuk penis. Warna dan materialnya pun macam-macam, mulai dari batu, kayu dan lain-lain. Warnanya, dari yang calm sampai yang mencolok seperti warna pink. Makanan, permen, bahkan ice cream berbentuk penis. Ha..ha..luar biasa, merayakan ‘penis' sebagai lambang kesuburan manusia.***yz/matabumi/



Pesawat terbesar di dunia - Antonov An-225 (pic)

Largest aircraft in the world is Antonov An-225 Myria. This aircraft's last name Мрія (Myria) which in Ukrainian means dream or inspiration.

This aircraft formerly used to transport the Buran space shuttle to replace Myasishchev VM-T. But along with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the Buran project was not resumed again in 1993 this aircraft had not operate (not looking) for almost 8 years.

Actually, this plane there are two. But only one is operating (UR-82060), while the latter is expected to completed in the year 2008. In 2001, it re-operated aircraft with a heavy carrier UR-flight numbered 82,060 (the previous-СССР 82,060) until now.


Leave a message on facebook before suicide

British expatriate, Lita Broadhurst (48), died instantly after the jump from 4th floor of a residential building 9 feet tall. Woman who is a teacher had left a note on the social networking site Facebook for a teenage daughter.

Lita Broadhurst who settled near Almeria, southeast Spain, initially planned to testify against her ex-lover accused of physical violence against him. The trial itself took place on the day when Lita end his life.

Broadhurst Lita's former lover has been released on bail. Meanwhile, the investigating authorities are still investigating a written message from the mother of this child 2 two days before he ended his life.

Lita who called the perpetrators of violence against him at Facebook messages of writing: "I feel very scared in the last 12 hours, so had to sleep with a metal bat in hand, prepared a bottle beside the bed, and a phone to call police on alert."

"I do not usually conquered by feeling worried, but somehow this time I was not surrounded by a feeling of power khawatirku. My kids are the only sandaranku and I deeply regret the grief that I left them both," he said.

"I beg my kids, do not hate me because I have failed you. Love my love for you will never disappear because I'm sure you'll still feel it when they need it."

This message was entitled by Lita Broadhurst, "Last Words."

Lita thought to put this message on Facebook on the same day when he reported the violence perpetrated by her boyfriend who was also from England. No new schedule of the trial that her former lover.

Lita around the world died this morning at 09.30 local time on Friday last week. Police rushed to the house after receiving information from his neighbors and found him dead.



Makanan sehat yang jarang kita makan gan!! (with pic)

Dr. Jonny Bowden adalah penulis buku "The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth" atau "150 Makanan Tersehat di Bumi. Dia telah menyusun daftar makanan sehat yang seharusnya disantap tapi kerap dilupakan orang.

Beberapa makanan dalam daftarnya memang kerap disantap orang, seperti jambu, tapi di luar itu, daftar makanan sehat yang lainnya cenderung diabaikan banyak orang.

Berikut beberapa saran dan tips Bowden tentang makanan sehat.

1. Bits

Kalau tidak mengenal dengan makanan ini, coba dengan bayam merah. Pada sayuran ini terdapat sumber asam folat dan pigmen merah yang baik untuk melawan kanker. Ingin menyantapnya ? coba sebagai lalapan atau buat salad, karena jika dimasak dapat menurunkan kekuatan antioksidannya.

2. Kubis.

Mengandung banyak nutrisi seperti sulforaphane. Menurut Bowden, bahan kimia yang dihasilkannya itu bisa menghasilkan enzim penghasil kanker.

Orang Indonesia kerap menghindari konsumsi kol karena takut penyerapan yodium ke dalam tubuh terhambat oleh sayuran ini. Namun, memakan kol dalam jumlah memadai bisa bermanfaat untuk perang melawan kanker.

Saran untuk menyantapnya coba diiris-iris saat mentah atau menjadi taburan dalam burger atau sandwich.

3. Lobak Swiss.

Lobak mengandung karotenoid yang bisa melindungi penuaan mata. Jika ingin maksimal, coba santap dengan cara memotong-motong kecil-kecil lalu menumisnya dengan minyak zaitun.

4. Kayu manis.

Berfungsi dapat mengontrol gula darah dan kolesterol. Saran untuk mengkonsumsinya bubuhkan dalam minuman atau masakan. Kolak Padang biasa memakai kayu manis. Nasi kebuli Arab kadang juga memakai kayu manis.

5. Jus delima.

Berfungsi dapat menurunkan tekanan darah dan kaya dengan antioksidan. Agar lebih bermanfaat coba dibuat jus selain tidak banyak vitamin yang terbuang, kesegarannya pun dapat dirasakan.

6. Plum kering.

Buah ini mengandung antioksidan sehingga tak boleh diabaikan. Biasa dikonsumsi sebagai bahan tambahan dalam kue.

7. Biji labu.

Bagian yang cenderung kerap dibuang ini ternyata mengandung banyak magnesium, mineral yang yang bila kadarnya cukup akan membuat risiko kematian dini berkurang.

Selain biasa dikonsumsi dalam bentuk kuaci, juga dapat ditaburkan pada salad.

10. Bluberry beku.

Meskipun dibekukan buah ini kadar nutrisinya tak berkurang banyak. Ia mengandung zat yang dalam tes bisa meningkatkan memori otak. Ingin menyantapnya ? coba buat jus pasti sedap. Bisa dicampur dengan yoghurt, cokelat, susu kedelai atau taburan kacang almond.



Negara di Dunia Yang Menjadi Gudangnya Herbal

Herbal merupakan bahan utama dalam obat tradisional adalah herbal. Badan kesehatan dunia (WHO) mendefinisikan obat tradisional sebagai obat asli di suatu negara yang digunakan secara turun-temurun di negara itu atau negara lain. Obat tradisional harus memenuhi kriteria antara lain sudah digunakan minimal tiga generasi dan telah terbukti aman dan bermanfaat.

Secara umum ada beberapa negara utama di dunia yang menjadi gudangnya herbal.

1. Cina
WHO mencatat, 30-50 persen konsumsi kesehatan masyarakat di negara ini dialokasikan untuk ramuan herbal. Sejak 5.000 tahun silam, nenek moyang bangsa Cina meramu obat untuk mengatasi beragam penyakit.

Catatan medis tertua ada dalam dua kitab kuno: Huang Di Nei Jing (Kitab Kaisar Kuning) dan Wai Tai Mi Yao (Resep Rahasia). Isinya cara menyembuhkan gangguan pencernaan, pernapasan, dan sistem reproduksi.

Kitab tua yang paling terkenal adalah Kompendium Materia Media, yang diterbitkan pada tahun 1590. Buku yang ditulis oleh Li Shizhen dan diteruskan oleh Zhan Xueim ini memuat 1.892 zat medis yang berguna dalam dunia pengobatan.

Dari kitab-kitab tua itulah Cina membangun peradaban herbalnya, yang sekarang sudah menyebar ke seluruh penjuru dunia. Perkembangan pengobatan tradisional di negara ini relatif maju karena pemerintahnya mendukung penuh.

2. India
Ayurveda atau ilmu tentang kehidupan adalah sistem holistik kuno untuk mendiagnosis serta mengobati, sudah ada sejak 1.000 SM di India. Ayurveda mungkin merupakan sistem kedokteran tertua yang dikenal manusia.

Ayurveda mementingkan konsep keseimbangan energi, kesatuan tubuh, pikiran, dan roh. Ada 8 cabang ayurveda, yakni kayacikitsa (penyakit dalam), salyacikitsa (anatomi dan bedah), salakyacikitsa (penyakit THT dan mata), kaumarabhryta (tulang), bhutavidya (healing), aganda tantra (toksikologi), rasayana (rejuvenasi), vajikarana (afrodisiak untuk laki-laki).

3. Korea
Pengobatan tradisional di negeri ginseng tidak bisa dilepaskan dari pengaruh Cina dan India. Sistem pengobatan tradisional di Korea dikenal dengan nama Korean Oriental Medicine (KOM) atau lebih populer dengan sebutan hangbang.

Walau mendapt pengaruh besar dari pengobatan Cina, tetapi hangbang mengembangkan teknik khusus yang bersifat khas. Teknik-teknik itu adalah aturan pengobatan sasang (sasang constitutional medicine), Saam Scupunture, Herbal Acupunture, dan Korean Hand Acupunture. Perkembangan KOM terlihat dari banyaknya sekolah lanjutan tinggi yang khusus mempelejarinya. Tak heran jika di Korea mudah dijumpai dokter dan apoteker khusus KOM.

4. Indonesia
Jika menyebut herbal, Indonesia adalah salah satu laboratorium tanaman obat terbesar di dunia. Sekitar 80 persen herbal dunia tumbuh di negeri ini. Indonesia memiliki sekitar 35 ribu jenis tumbuhan tingkat tinggi, 3.500 di antaranya dilaporkan sebagai tumbuhan obat.

Nenek moyang kita memanfaatkan flora kekayaan alam itu dengan cerdas. Dikenal istilah jamu untuk menyebut ramuan dari tanaman obat. Jamu berasal dari bahasa Jawa Kuno, jampi atau usodo. Artinya penyembuhan menggunakan ramuan, doa, dan ajian.

Pemanfaatan ramuan alam untuk tujuan kesehatan sudah ada sejak ratusan tahun silam. Tabib dan pengobat tradisional meracik aneka jenis tanaman menjadi penawar. penyakit. Bukti-bukti pemakaian jamu di masa lalu bisa dilihat dari tulisan-tulisan di daun lontar, prasasti, dan relief candi.



Rumput Fatimah Mempercepat Persalinan ???

Ibu hamil banyak yang percaya dengan minum air rendaman rumput fatimah (Labisa pumila) bisa memudahkan persalinannya. Saking jarangnya yang punya rumput fatimah, tak sedikit ibu hamil yang bersusah payah mencari tanaman berkhasiat ini.

Benarkah rumput fatimah bisa mempercepat persalinan?

“Memang ada beberapa penelitian yang mengungkapkan di dalam tanaman rumput fatimah terkandung suatu zat sejenis oksitoksin yang dapat menimbulkan kontraksi dari rahim,” ujar dr Ali Sungkar SpOG saat dihubungi detikHealth, Minggu (24/1/2010).

Tapi dr Ali menambahkan belum diketahui dengan pasti berapa banyak kadar zat tersebut dalam tanaman rumput fatimah. Zat sejenis oksitoksin yang terkandung di dalam rumput fatimah sama seperti obat yang diberikan untuk menginduksi ibu hamil agar terjadi kontraksi.

Seperti dikutip dari buku Kesproholic, memaparkan peneliti yang dilakukan di Malaysia pada tahun 1998. Dan diketahui tanaman ini memang memiliki kandungan oksitosin.

Menggunakan tanaman ini biasanya dengan cara direndam hingga tanaman tersebut mengembang, dan ibu hamil percaya dengan meminum air rendaman ini sebelum melahirkan akan memudahkan persalinannya.

Rumput fatimah adalah salah satu tanaman semak yang berasal dari Timur Tengah dan seringkali dibawa oleh orang yang baru pulang haji.

Tanaman ini dalam bahasa Arab disebut dengan Kaf Mariyam (telapak tangan Mariyam). Bagian dari tanaman ini yang sering digunakan adalah akarnya, yaitu dengan cara direndam dan meminum airnya.

“Hal yang mengkhawatirkan adalah belum diketahui dengan pasti berapa kandungan zat tersebut dalam rumput fatimah, selain itu berapa banyak si ibu mengonsumsinya. Karena jika oksitosin yang dikonsumsi berlebihan bisa menimbulkan efek samping yang berbahaya yaitu rahim menjadi robek,” ujar dokter yang berpraktik di RSCM dan Brawijaya Women and Children Hospital ini.

Karena belum adanya bukti ilmiah yang benar-benar jelas mendukung kabar ini, maka sebaiknya ibu hamil berhati-hati dalam mengonsumsinya agar tidak berbahaya bagi dirinya dan bayi yang dikandungnya.


Learning SEO on Forum

Many tricks about Seo which must be learned. In order for a web / blog you are in the first compiled the search engines, especially Google. How Do you understand about Seo?

A new seo forum was launched this week with the name "forum negeriku", can be a means of discussion and studying very good for us - we are beginners in the SEO world

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Some ways selling ornamental plants

Some ways selling ornamental plants. Want to do business with ornamental plants? Do you have to rent the pieces? Many business models can be chosen. Is it absolutely necessary financial capital? Who says? Apparently so Buser or hunter might be an option. Capital can only MMS mobile phone. Here are some business models you can choose according to the financial condition, health, and personal goal since childhood.

Rent and open outlets ornamental plants

This is the most conventional way. Ornamental plants sold by renting shanties in the open. If you have the guts and want a bit desperate, could use the vacant land owned by developers who are not housed or vacant land owned by anyone. Just a consequence, you have to get ready Trantib officers chased and deal with the thugs. Clearly, this method is not recommended. Best of all, rent it officially shanties in the palm of centers of ornamental plants are also official. In Jabodetabek eg in Ragunan; Flona in Alam Sutera Serpong Tangerang, and Ornamental Plants Center in BSD City Tangerang Tekno Park Complex.

Rent system is usually calculated per month or per year beyond the cost of cleanliness and safety. Count for the year 2007, the average per year 5-10 million rupiah for each plot. If the land is up in the official said, you can 'buy the right of use' in the old tenants are 'the whispers'. With notes, was tired of the old tenants. The purchase price 'use rights' also varied, between Rp20-100 million per plot.

Renting a stall at the center of the official sales of ornamental plants, but not pursued Trantib officer, you also do not bother to campaign. Because the center of the plant itself was able to collect visitors. At the very least, if you do not have customers, if good fortune, there are customers neighbors 'stray' into your booth. All you need to do to stay plants displaying a good, friendly staff hiring, and make your booth fun.

Hire Stan and Open Exhibition

The exhibition of ornamental plants is a promotional event and a good sales arena. Organizers did a lot of promotions for consumer mengudang come. If you rent a booth and open the exhibition there, is not impossible that you visited the booth, and you bought the plants.

For your information, in Greater Jakarta, rental exhibition stands currently ranges Rp750.000 until Rp3.000.000, to counter the size 3 x 5 meters, during the exhibition took place between 7 to 10 days. In Jakarta there are some plants exhibit events nationwide, such as Flora Fauna Exhibition in Lapangan Banteng every month in August, or exhibitions held ornamental plants Poster Magazine. However, many similar exhibitions organized by the government, Supermal, or event organizer in many places.

All you need to do is in addition to preparing the mainstay of ornamental plants also printed business cards to spread. Do not forget to print your phone number clearly so that after the exhibition ended, the plants you still buy one.


Mahkota Dewa, Conquering Cancer Plants

Medicinal plants of the world the arrival of newcomers now fairly good. It name is Crown of gods (Mahkota Dewa). He can make people with minor ailments like itching, aches, or flu, to severe illnesses such as cancer and diabetes, felt the healing.

Knowing the properties of this single plant, you might be interested in planting. Imagine. These plants turn out to have remarkable properties. He can cure health problems of the mock up to the almost hopeless cured. If it's just sore, a day or two would be lost. Flu? Well, that's a task that could also settled in a day or two. Diabetes was going to surrender in a few months.

What about cancer? Although it took months, these plants were able to fight to the death. At least it was based on empirical experience of many people, including who was cured of the disease in the liver or heart, hypertension, rheumatism, and gout.

To cultivate a drug is very easy. Only with racik tea made from leather and meat, fruit shells, or leaves, this natural medicine materials were ready for use. If you do not want a sense of bitterness, we can be a little bothered process into instant potions. It was borne more delicious without reducing benefits.

That crown the god (Phaleria macrocarpa). Plants that reportedly came from the mainland of Papua is in Central Java and Yogyakarta nicknamed makuto dewo, makuto rojo, or makuto queen. People call it the king of Banten drug, because Khasiatnya can cure various diseases. Meanwhile, people from ethnic Chinese called pau, which means the drug heirlooms.

From allergies to cancer

Some people may have just seen, some heard his name would never be. It's natural for very few people know the crown god. Moreover, its efficacy. In fact, in many research institutions dealing with medicinal plant research has not been found. Until now, at least a new dr. Regina Sumastuti from the Department of Pharmacology, Gadjah Mada University who has studied it. It was still limited to testing the effects of antihistamines or allergy. In fact, the palace of Solo and Yogyakarta has long been known and used it as a medicinal plant. Fortunate, for long the benefits of this extraordinary leak to the layman.

Today, this plant seemed to come down from heaven as the god of the sick savior. Various testimony at their suggested benefits have felt it. In the book Gods Drugs Crown Heritage of the Gods by Harmanto Ning, chairman of Harmony Women Farmers Lily Flower, who pursue treatment with a crown of gods, there are 26 people who recognize its worth or written successfully recovered from his illness thanks to the gods crown.

Among them are Ariestyani Winata Tuti, who after undergoing surgical removal of cysts in the uterus, the body condition deteriorated. Thin body, belly like a pregnant, his toes were fattened, his blood pressure up and down, and his hemoglobin was low.

Some doctors who visited to give a different diagnosis. There are diagnose liver cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, and some are claimed she suffered from chronic hepatitis. Never obtain the certainty of her illness, at the suggestion of Ning, Tuti eventually consume the pulp cooking water gods crown. After six months, Tuti was recovered and his condition improved again.

Tuti addition, Diana is based in Bekasi states successfully recovered from breast cancer in her right after surgery two more times to clean the cancer in her left breast. Anna Winata in Bogor and Bekasi are also Retno in healthy feeling sick again from the crown of cervical cancer thanks to the gods. Ny. Parlan in Balikpapan was successfully normalize the blood sugar level thanks to this medicinal plant. There are many more examples of the success of others. Unfortunately, that does not work is never revealed, so can not know what the disease can not be resisted plants this bright red fruit.

During this crown of leaves and fruit of the gods used the Indonesian community, especially in Java, as the drug of skin diseases, itching, and eczema. The disease is characterized by symptoms of itching, signs of allergy to a particular agent that encourages the body's cells out histamine.

Problem skin's ability to fight disease is Sumastuti proved. From studies in vitro using guinea pig small intestine, is known, it is true crown of leaves and fruit of the gods have the effect of antihistamines. This means that these plants can be scientifically justified its use as a drug itching from insect bites or caterpillars, eczema and other diseases due to allergies.

Other research we are still waiting to prove the efficacy of such an extraordinary number of people perceived above. However, the story of mouth seems to have made people, especially the sick and generally almost given up hope, trust. So, people started looking for a gang of merit crown gods. Not a few who tried to plant it in the yard of the house. In fact, some see this as an opportunity plague efforts to cultivate and process into products of traditional medicine or herbs with a variety of forms.

Made tea

Plant crown was not the case god difficult. Plants, which can live both in height from 10 to 1000 m above sea level., It can be grown from seed or cuttings results. Although planting can in a pot or directly in the ground, its growth would be better if planted in the ground. Plants from seeds usually have fruit at age 10 - 12 months. Derived from cuttings, it should bear fruit more quickly.

Fruit is the most widely used as natural medicines, in addition to leaves and stems. Of the three parts, namely the skin and flesh of the fruit, the shell (shell beans), and seeds, which are generally used fruit skin and flesh and shells. The young fruit is green and bright red old.

Efficacy young fruit and old is the same, said Ning. Unfortunately, what compounds are contained in the fruit parts, still has not been revealed in detail. Just, Hutapea et al. (1999), as quoted Sumastuti, states, in the leaves and fruit skin dewo makuto contained saponins and flavonoid compounds, each of which has the effect of allergy and antihistamines.

Ning writes, in a fresh, fruit skin and flesh of young "crown god" it is bitter. While the sweet little old. If fresh food will cause swelling in the mouth, thrush, drunk, and even poisoning. What causes it, is not known with certainty. Therefore, not advisable to eat fresh.

The shell has a slightly bitter taste, more bitter than the skin and flesh. This section is also not recommended for direct consumption because it can lead to drunkenness, dizziness, even fainting. However, when processed, this section is more efficacious than the skin and flesh of fruit. He can treat severe diseases like breast cancer, uterine cancer, lung disease, and cirrhosis of the liver.

There's a reason why the seed is not consumed by the god crowns. Highly toxic seeds. If chewed, we can throw up and tongue numb, Ning added. Therefore, this section only used to treat skin diseases.

Of course to make the flesh of the fruit or the shell as a drug, need processing first. Dried fruit can be made, "racik tea", or instant potions. However, is often done by making "tea concoction" and instant potions.

Another part that could be used drug is stems and leaves. According to Ning in his book crown stem empirically god can treat bone cancer. While the leaves can cure impotence, dysentery, allergies, and tumors. How to use is to boil the leaves and drank the water.

Do not be surprised. Once the crown of the god to drink potions, we immediately felt the sleepiness attacks. This effect is normal. Another effect is drunk. To eliminate this effect it is recommended to drink more water. For further consumption, the dose should be reduced crown god. If it still drunk, you should temporarily stop first. In addition to this adverse effect was still there its good effects. Psst ... sometimes there are men who increased libido, whispered Ning.

According to Ning, in the process of or cure serious diseases like cervical cancer, after patients taking the crown of the god of tea could feel his body heat and cold, sometimes even a blood clot issue stinks. This is a cleansing process of disease, write Ning.

Its use can be in the form of a single herb can also mix potions. Mixing with other herbs is intended to strengthen its efficacy and neutralize toxins. Also to reduce the unpleasant taste, said Ning, who claims often serve prescriptions written by doctors.

The effort of healing using the crown of the god of medicine, according to Ning, could not quickly produce results. The treatment needs to be done several times. Even for severe chronic diseases take a long time. Noteworthy is the dose should not exceed its use is recommended. If the proportion of excess, unwanted effects can occur.

It must be remembered, a young pregnant woman is forbidden to consume the crown of the gods. As quoted Ning, Sumastuti crown also has proved capable of play like a god oxytosin or sintosinon that can spur uterine muscle work that facilitate the birth process. This can endanger young pregnancy.

Equally important, the message of Ning, the use of our gods crown herbs recommended menyugesti or convincing myself that this herb works, pray for our healing, and continued to visit the doctor to see how our health. @ (I Gede Agung Yudana)



Various Plants Carriers Hockey and Shit

According to the spiritual practitioners, plants have the benefit of occupying a place in. Plants contain energy that can bring good luck or even bad luck. Here's a list of plants and the mystical influence.

I. Plants that carry hockey/fortune

1. Sunflowers: creating peace, happiness and harmony.
2. Lotus Flower: creating wealth, happiness and harmonious atmosphere.
3. Great taro: counteracting thief entered the house.
4. Elephant ears: bring good fortune.
5. Roses: bringing good fortune.
6. Squirrel tail palm: bring blessings and virtues.
7. Red Palm: keep the negative things (teluh, witchcraft, black magic, etc.), bring good fortune.
8. Panchira / tree money: bring good fortune.
9. Pandan: keep pet chickens from fox attack.
10. Dragon Tree: bring pleasure. cheerful mood, and harmony.
11. Delicious Night: creating harmony and peace.

II. Plants that brings bad luck

1. Wine: bringing bankruptcy.
2. Aren: become a gathering place for spirits.
3. Carambola wuluh: so often disturbed spirits.
4. Bougenvil: the father / son was not at home.
5. Chili: bring disputes and mutual suspicion.
6. Corn: so often sickly and often at odds with neighbors.
7. Jackfruit: so often sickly.
8. Papaya: bring bad luck.
9. Areca nut: the children became unruly, damn good and moral education.
10. Ornamental bananas: bring bad luck.
11. Soursop: a place of spirits who like to disturb the peace.

III. Plants that have "Daya Linuwih"

1. Bangle: counteract the bad spirits.
2. HANJUANG: reject danger, smelling a rat, insects and diseases of rice plants.
3. Black taro: counteract such negative hal2 wizards, etc. guna2.
4. Kelor: counteract negative hal2 like witchcraft, etc. guna2.
5. Kenanga: counter black magic.
6. Jasmine: bring greatness, prosperity and harmony.
7. Tree Pole: holy.
8. Chrysophyllum kecik: bring dignity and honor.
9. Sugarcane Black: ward off black magic.


Pests Anthurium and Handling

Anthurium is likely resistant to pest attack. But there is still a chance your plants attacked. The following information about pests and how to handle.

a. Aphid
This is a form of pest infestation yellow. Aphid life usually clustered at the base of the shoots of plants and flowers. Spread comparatively quickly. Aphid sucks because fluid leaves, infected leaves grow imperfect, tends to curl, blackened, and dry.

Overcome: use insecticides such as Te Ye Man, Demiter, Supracide, Decis, Curacron, or Basudin. This insecticide is a combination of contact killing and disturbing nervous. That is, if the insecticide on the insect, the insect dies instantly. If not dead lost their reproductive ability, so that the cut is an insect's life cycle. Spray an insecticide to the plants once a week Aphid infected within three weeks. Prevention is done by spraying insecticide once a month.

b. Fungus gnat
Fungus gnat is a pest that looks like a black mosquitoes. He lived in the planting medium moist. Adenium attacked characterized by black spots on the flower buds. Then the flower buds will rot and fall.

Overcomee: spraying insecticides, such as Te Ye Man, Demier, or Proleaf to the plant is attacked. Alternative Trigard and 0.5/liter dose Agrimec with water.

c. Mealy Bug
This pest infestation of white flour and have encountered similar to the armpit and leaflet. The attacks led to the growth of abnormal shoots.

Overcomee: spraying insecticides, such as Proleaf to the plant is attacked.

d. Nematode
Nematodes commonly found in the planting medium given manure. The initial symptoms are yellowing of leaves and the death of his buds are still young. Part of being attacked is the root nematode adenium. If the sick adenium removed from the pot will look like tubers at the root fibers. In addition, the root fibers end many roots die and the base of wrinkled or holes. When viewed with a microscope would look a lot smaller worm gnawing at the roots adenium.

Damage to crops caused by the secretion of saliva that is injected into the plant during nematode bite or eat the plant. This process can lead to death because the power lost roots and shoots, wounds formed, the plant tissue to swell and burst.

Overcome: pull the plant from the pot and wash the roots in running water. Cut and remove all the root fibers are damaged and rotten. Furthermore roots soaked in a solution of insecticide or nematisida (for example, or nematisida Dazomet 98% with the recommended dose) until all the roots and base of the stem submerged for half an hour. Next lift the plants and wind-aired in the shade for 1-2 weeks. Having healthy plants should be planted in the planting of new media sterile. Use clean planting media and organic materials that have been cooked properly. If need be added nematisida like Furadan 3G granules mixed in the planting medium.

e. Root Mealy Bug
Pests of white hair lice are generally found in moist planting medium. Plants that have withered shoots attacked, damaged stems, and roots with decay. If the media dismantled plant will look smaller animals attached to a white powdery on rotten roots.

Overcome: combined use nematisida, insecticides, and fungicides, such as Sursban or Diainon (dose of 1 ml / l) or 98% Dazomet by being sprayed directly into the planting medium, or replace the entire planting media with new media to a sterile plant. For prevention, insecticide spraying can be done once a month.

f. Ants
Ants often nest in planting media or under pots, which can damage the roots and shoots adenium. Ants belong to the disease vector.

Response: adenium pot soak briefly in water or water it uses antisemut drugs.

g. Spider Mite
This pest looks like a spider and red. Other names or motes of red mites. These pests like to hide under leaves and axillary leaves. Adenium whose leaves are hairy very vulnerable to pest attack is because the mites like to hide on the sidelines of this fluff while sucking the leaves and stems boo. In plants at the bottom of sick leaves or stems of red mites found in nests of fine threads.

Symptoms initially, leaves will mat. Next the leaves yellowing and falling fast. Besides looking tiny dots of red color on the surface of the leaf browning. Can be fatal attack was marked by the death of the dried leaves and tops of plant stems because the liquid sucked out.

Response: Use akarisida, such Kelthane or Omite. Spray the whole plant and environment with the recommended dose. Spraying done 2-4 times per week. No need to worry if the leaves were sprayed adenium fall, because the new leaves and will soon appear healthy. The most effective prevention is to put plants in places that have good air circulation, sunlight and rain water directly. These pests do not like where the blustery and exposed to rain water spray continuously.

h. Thrips
His form is a black lice move quickly. Thrips attack the flower buds that fail to expand and become dry.

Response by spraying insecticides, such as Detimer, to the affected part of the attack.


Uninstall Antivirus with AppRemover

Previously I've written several anti-virus removal tools that can be used to uninstall the antivirus problem when in-uninstall through normal procedures. Antivirus removal tool is provided by each products antivirus for antivirusnya products. Other software is also intended for the purpose of uninstalling antivirus and antispyware is also AppRemover. Good, just with one program, many antivirus and antispyware products in its support that can be uninstalled with it. AppRemover currently Release Candidate is still free for personal use and non-commercial.

To use it, simply run the downloaded file through the website, without the need to install first.

In the next stage will be detected products anti-virus and antispyware installed on your computer. Furthermore, you can select all or only certain software to be uninstalled the next phase will be uninstalled by AppRemover. To see the antivirus and antispyware what is the support, you can see it in the list on the website AppRemover applications.


Antivirus and Antispyware for Windows 7

If you've ever installed Windows 7 Beta, which would see the message in important states of the Action Center is located in the system tray is one of them is a request for Search and Antivirus Programs. From this it can be captured that Microsoft itself considers that the system was not yet safe for him if unaccompanied by other programs to ward off viruses and malware. As with Windows Vista, security program that is included in Windows 7 Beta only the Windows Defender antispyware.

If you see Microsoft's list of Antivirus programs are compatible with the Windows 7 Beta, there were three Antivirus programs that go as follows:

* Symantec Norton 360 provides 3.0 Beta
* AVG that offers AVG Internet Security and AVG Anti-Virus which is both commercial AVG products
* Kaspersky that provides technical preview of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7.

Is it really that limited? Then I tried to install and run AVG 8 Free Edition and Avira Antivir Personal is free of use, and found the installation process or when traveling, no problems arise. Action Center on Windows 7 itself well to read the presence of both antivirus status if it includes real-time protection is off or on when needed update.

In the How-to Geek has no writing on the basis of direct experiment that produces a list of Antivirus and Antispyware list compatible with Windows 7.

Antivirus compatible with Windows 7

* AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition – this is what I personally use… it’s excellent and FREE
* Avira AntiVir Personal Edition
* Norton AntiVirus 2009
* Avast! AntiVirus Home
* Kapersky Anti-Virus 2009
* PCGuard Anti-Virus from Virgina Media Broadband
* ESET Nod32 Anti-Virus
* Microsoft Forefront Client Security (Enterprise)

Antivirus is NOT compatible with Windows 7

* McAfee VirusScan
* Microsoft Windows Live OneCare

AntiSpyware that compatible with Windows 7

* Windows Defender
* Spybot Search & Destroy
* Ad-Aware
* Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
* Spyware Blaster

For the record, if you for example want to use anti-spyware programs other than Windows Defender is already present in Windows 7 Beta, then you should uninstall Windows Defender at first because of using two or more antivirus or antispyware product will not overload the system.


Egyptian football coach chose to die of hunger than to train Israel!

After winning the 2010 African cup that had just passed, Hassan Shehata to fight various countries to train soccer teams. Understandably, the 2010 African Nations Cup trophy, the means Hassan Shehata has led Egypt became champion for the third time in a row.

hassan shehata

One of them is interested in Israel. Even the football world to accept Israel has a lot of this news. But what Hassan Shehata response?

"I'd rather die of hunger than to train Israel," he told the Egyptian daily Al-Masry al-Youm, today Tuesday (9 / 2), a few hours ago. "I can understand that Israel will be very jealous of the success of the Egyptian national team. But from my perspective, it is not possible for me to set foot in Israel or to train his team-even if though Israel is the only country in the world who want to hire me. "

He continued: "How the Zionists think that I will train the killers of children and the elderly? How can I work to train a team representing the nation colonizers? "

"From since I was born, I had heard about the murder of Israel against the Arabs, from the city to the village." He added.

This veteran coach, who was nicknamed by the press Egypt as "The Teacher", now seems to be more concentrated to deliver the Egyptian national team qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Well, apparently, the Egyptian authorities and politicians need to emulate this old man: say no to the Jews!.


Camouflage in Chameleons

If you play "hide" him, he would always win because he is difficult to find.

He could really blend with the natural surroundings, blending the color of moss and skin melt into one.

Although difficult to see by eye, but there are a lucky photographer to capture images of this animal.

They are the couple who came from Texas, Gregory and Mary Beth Dimijian. They capture the wild animals in national parks de la Montagne d'Ambre, Madagascar.


Marko Calasan, Youngest Microsoft engineer from Macedonia

Who was the youngest engineer at Microsoft this?. The answer is Marko Calasan, 9-year-old boy from Macedonia. At the age of six years, Marko Calasan got his first recognition of the administrative system from Microsoft. He became a celebrity in the Balkans throughout the region in December when he got his engineers System Certification, a title it hard to get even by a skilled computer engineer.

He also worked as an administrative control system in a non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities. Marko Calasan now has a new project to teach people about computer knowledge in English using video streaming.

Among the processing time for computer systems and also to share knowledge, Marko looks like the other kids in general who like to play ball with friends, roller skating, and also eliminate the stereotype of a nerd. He considers the computer game is a waste of time than the time "playing outside". When are ya child like that Indonesia could?


Earthquake Detector Robot: notify the earthquake 3 hours early

Hiren Patel and several students from JT Engineering College in Gujarat, India claims to have created a robot to detect earthquakes (earthquake) is called the Earthquake Detector Robot.

By using 2 transmitters (sensors) are placed in the bowels of the earth (not explain how deep) and a receiver in place on the robot so if there is signs of earthquakes, the robot will issue an alarm sounds.

Both sensors are able to detect differences in temperature and the level of water and with internet connection measurements will be sent to the robot.

They claim that this robot can detect the arrival of the earthquake 3 hours early before the earthquake occurred, thus giving opportunity to the people to evacuate to safer places.

3 hours in our opinion was not long but enough time to evacuate to safer places. Actually, the robot was not doing virtually nothing or it could be replaced by a regular computer.


8 Advanced Technology in 2010

1. Apple’s Tablet

The voices and speculation is too high to ignore the presence of Apple Tablet. If all the rumors are authentic and, if by any means, Apple launched iSlate on 25th January, then it will be something to talk about in the year 2010.
We must admit that the tablet is a concept that has been around us for a very long time. But consumers still devices that people would die for. But after the increase in sales and demand from the Amazon Kindle and the Nook, the market is convinced that the tablet device to quickly become a. So at this point, if Apple can bring the device with the interface that people look for then that's it - we've got our new iPOD. This is not a biased statement, but a truth in several ways.
The reason I am saying is that the Popular Reading is something that every Internet user and tablet provides the best way to consume internet content. Although we may still be working on a laptop, Tablet would be a way to consume digital content.

2. NetPhone

We've seen the importance of Google's Voice, which many Americans have enjoyed. We already have software like Skype that allows you to communicate data through the Internet.
This shows that people are still comfortable with voice communications and will not die. We would still like to call my friends and our families and communicate. Therefore, we can see more advances in VOIP technology.
Although the cellular network providers have to play hard battle with VOIP services, the conflict between these two models will end up after we have more and more VOIP services running on our mobile devices.

3. Net Neutrality

Smartphone rise suddenly put a lot of pressure on mobile network provider. Online content consumption and stress communication network providers. One prominent example is the failure of At & T to meet the demand for the iPhone. This has forced content providers and distributors into two polar opposites.
Content providers like Google (YouTube for video content) consume much bandwidth. This is not good for network providers because they must face the burden of handling the request. On the other hand, content providers do not have to pay anything to the distributors. As a result, network service providers to increase costs. Now, this brings a big conflict between consumers, providers and distributors.
Net neutrality is about giving full access to the Internet without any restrictions. But we still need to see some agreement between providers and distributors. Therefore, we might see some breakthrough on Net Neutrality in the year 2010 that will solve the current problem.

4. Social Profile Management(Advanced Analytics)

Online Social Networking sites have been criticized on the news at every opportunity in the year 2009 and will continue to do so in the year 2010. More and more real-time content will be distributed online and consumed by people. Network online will see more than just sharing information.
2009 has an excessive reaction to the social media that creates a lot of garbage on the Internet. Currently, information and content in vain and did not make them into a targeted audience.
2010 will see a revolution against the social profile management with advance analysis. This will apply spam control over your network and strengthen the efficiency of your network connection. As sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are used in hiring a professional, the search profile will also be a big problem. Social networking provides the best way to reach potential business. Therefore look for (not for content), but for the people must be great. Social profile management to advance the analysis will be the next big social network.

5. Virtualization

Client desktop computers is clearly a new way to connect people to the office. Virtual desktops or virtual machines will soon be employed in many offices to provide better flexibility for the hardware and software options.
This will reduce hardware costs and maintenance of servers and desktop CPUs in the office. This also will reduce costs because most software will be deployed in a virtual machine. This is the key to reducing costs, reducing complexity, and increase agility as a shift in demand.

6. Online TV

YouTube and online video sharing site almost killed the television. The new generation prefers the Internet through the TV channels. As with the music industry, TV channels to understand that going online is the only road to the future and they should jump into this bandwagon before it's too late.
There have been many commercial channels divert their attention from television to Youtube or sites like Hulu. Further, Google has announced the paid content through Youtube and a new video advertising technology.
Along with TV ads have had to make the road to eco-system and we already know from a lot of rumors in the Apple and Google came up with ways to prevent viewers from skipping ads. This provides great opportunities for the TV to go to the Internet. Then 2010 will surely see his hand and cooperation from Internet service providers and TV Online channels.

7. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will be a new way of doing business via the Internet. It would be more than a virtual resource management, where it can optimize your company/her resources according to the needs and adaptation to dynamic changes. This will enable the company to further improve their products and services. Cloud computing will also utilize the potential of web applications on the Internet and we may see some great online applications for users and solutions company.

8. Augmented Reality

Plus Reality will blow people's minds in 2010. With the help of mobile computers, GPS technology, built-in camera and Google maps, mobile applications will have more power to bring experience to users than in the past.
Furthermore, the core of the technology will be a camera phone and placement of live streaming of information processed for the contents of the camera.
We've seen some with a mobile GPS applications, but 2010 will be clearly placed this application on the top shelf mobile applications. This will allow users to obtain information by integrating physical and virtual reality.

source :


Making Tags on Blogger

It seemed a very long time not talking about blogs. After many weeks filled with a variety of tasks and finally today I got a chance to share again.

As we know, especially for the bloggers, Making or Creating tag is not difficult if we use wordpress, because it has provided tools to make a tag. But for bloggers of course that's a little strange because blogger do not provide it.

Got confused as well how to create tags in blogger. Turns out easily. To create a tag on blogger we need the browser we have to use Mozilla Firefox then you must install an additional extension called Greasemonkey. 've Finished installing the software? Get to the final stage of CLICK HERE

It is finished. Then later when you want to post, there will be an additional list as shown below.

To add tags, Make each tag separated by a comma (,) and when it is finished, we click the first Append Tags. Ok done live click post. So the next tag will be automatically added to Technorati.

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