Uninstall Antivirus with AppRemover


Previously I've written several anti-virus removal tools that can be used to uninstall the antivirus problem when in-uninstall through normal procedures. Antivirus removal tool is provided by each products antivirus for antivirusnya products. Other software is also intended for the purpose of uninstalling antivirus and antispyware is also AppRemover. Good, just with one program, many antivirus and antispyware products in its support that can be uninstalled with it. AppRemover currently Release Candidate is still free for personal use and non-commercial.

To use it, simply run the downloaded file through the website, without the need to install first.

In the next stage will be detected products anti-virus and antispyware installed on your computer. Furthermore, you can select all or only certain software to be uninstalled the next phase will be uninstalled by AppRemover. To see the antivirus and antispyware what is the support, you can see it in the list on the website AppRemover applications.


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