Leave a message on facebook before suicide


British expatriate, Lita Broadhurst (48), died instantly after the jump from 4th floor of a residential building 9 feet tall. Woman who is a teacher had left a note on the social networking site Facebook for a teenage daughter.

Lita Broadhurst who settled near Almeria, southeast Spain, initially planned to testify against her ex-lover accused of physical violence against him. The trial itself took place on the day when Lita end his life.

Broadhurst Lita's former lover has been released on bail. Meanwhile, the investigating authorities are still investigating a written message from the mother of this child 2 two days before he ended his life.

Lita who called the perpetrators of violence against him at Facebook messages of writing: "I feel very scared in the last 12 hours, so had to sleep with a metal bat in hand, prepared a bottle beside the bed, and a phone to call police on alert."

"I do not usually conquered by feeling worried, but somehow this time I was not surrounded by a feeling of power khawatirku. My kids are the only sandaranku and I deeply regret the grief that I left them both," he said.

"I beg my kids, do not hate me because I have failed you. Love my love for you will never disappear because I'm sure you'll still feel it when they need it."

This message was entitled by Lita Broadhurst, "Last Words."

Lita thought to put this message on Facebook on the same day when he reported the violence perpetrated by her boyfriend who was also from England. No new schedule of the trial that her former lover.

Lita around the world died this morning at 09.30 local time on Friday last week. Police rushed to the house after receiving information from his neighbors and found him dead.



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