Making Tags on Blogger


It seemed a very long time not talking about blogs. After many weeks filled with a variety of tasks and finally today I got a chance to share again.

As we know, especially for the bloggers, Making or Creating tag is not difficult if we use wordpress, because it has provided tools to make a tag. But for bloggers of course that's a little strange because blogger do not provide it.

Got confused as well how to create tags in blogger. Turns out easily. To create a tag on blogger we need the browser we have to use Mozilla Firefox then you must install an additional extension called Greasemonkey. 've Finished installing the software? Get to the final stage of CLICK HERE

It is finished. Then later when you want to post, there will be an additional list as shown below.

To add tags, Make each tag separated by a comma (,) and when it is finished, we click the first Append Tags. Ok done live click post. So the next tag will be automatically added to Technorati.


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