Terrible Snow Storm

The terrible of the snow storm aver the world, The following are many picture that show you about the terrible of snow storm. Enjoy it!

terrible snow storm

First Snow Storm

terrible snow storm

Snow Storm

snow storm


A poor man build bery bizarre mosque in the world

Be a simple shape, but the crowd was coming in from around the village before the prayer time in

Maybe we do not believe if you do not see the facts. A person who is not rich, even poor, but able to build a mosque in Turkey. The name was most unusual mosque in the world, namely "Shanke Yadem" (Let's Eat Only). Very strange is not it? Behind the mosque is the most unusual name is a very interesting story and contains valuable lessons for us.

In an area of Al-Fateh, in the outskirts of Istanbul is one of wara 'and is very simple, name Khayr Afandi. Every time the market he did not buy anything. When you feel hungry and want to eat or buy something, such as fruit, meat or sweets, he said to himself: Let's just been eating in Turki "Shanke Yadem".

Well, what did he do after that? Money that should be used to purchase food purposes was put into a box dalan (Tromol) ... That's what he does every month and throughout the year. He was able to restrain himself for not eating and shopping unless limited only maintain its survival.

Day by day, month turned into months, years of change in Khayr Hassanain consistent with the charitable and strong intentions to realize the dream of building a mosque. Without felt, finally Khayr Afandi able to raise funds to build a small mosque in the neighborhood. Very simple shape, a square fence, marked with two towers on the left and right, while in the midst of Qiblah direction as the sanctuary is made.

Finally, Khayr al-Din succeeded in realizing the ideals of a very precious and people around in surprise, really poor Khayr was ingrained in him a noble goal, namely to build a mosque and he managed to achieve. No corpulent people who think that people Khairud was incredible and a lot of rich people who can not do good as Khayr Hassanain.

After the mosque stood, people wondered what the hell was going on Akhiruddin Hassanain. They ask how a poor ceritana can build a mosque. After they heard a fascinating story that, they also agreed to give her name with: "Shanke yadem" (Only I've Angap Eat).

Subhanallah! If rich people and has earned more than the Muslims in this world to think like Khayr, how much funding will be collected for the poor? How many mosques, schools, hospitals and other living facilities can be built? How many infra structure of our realization that, without having to borrow to the institution and who were hostile to the Islamic State and its people?

Even if the Muslims today have a concept of simple living and the importance and priority to the afterlife in heaven rather than the court house in the world, like those of Khayr Hassanain, these people must be able to leave a clean and syubhat in their lives. They must be able to defeat the deceptive worldly lust it. As a result, must be a Muslim country will be abundant blessing that God opened the heavens from the earth. The reality is otherwise. "(Sura Al-raf / 7: 96) So take a lesson O men who use common sense!


450 troops secured the Christmas and New Year 2010

Police Demak, Central Java to prepare 2 / 3 strength or as many as 450 personnel to secure the celebration of Christmas and New Year 2010. As stated by Chief of Police of Demak, AKBP Wawan Ridwan.

Wawan said, from 600 personnel sebayak there were 450 personnel deployed to secure the two celebrations. This step is done to the people of Christians feel safe and comfortable so that they can worship in peace.
In addition to Christmas, said Wawan, the institute also conducts security 2010 New Year's celebrations.

Temple Candle operations are performed is also doing security in a number of vital objects, and places fasum crowd.

Police Chief confirmed with assisted optimal security related agencies, is expected to Christmas celebrations and New Year can run orderly and smoothly as previous years.

Wawan also threatened to take stern action against any person who would interfere with the celebration of Christmas and New Year, including from members


UK Pay for the War in Afghanistan

British Defense Minister Bob Ainsworth is expected to announce an outline of his plan to buy new equipment for operations in Afghanistan by cutting spending.

A British Royal Air Force base may be closed and thousands of people in the field of defense will lose his job.

Bob Ainsworth will explain to the members of parliament that more than 20 Chinook helicopters will be ordered in the next 10 years.

BBC defense correspondent Caroline Wyatt says, the government will announce the purchase of the Boeing Chinook helicopter after months of criticism about the number of helicopters operating in the Helman Province, Afghanistan.

Some of the helicopters that will be sent directly to the front line for British troops helps in Afghanistan.

Addition of a C17 transport plane may also be budgeted for the order.

However, funds must be from the budget of the Ministry of Defense now has excessive spending, our correspondent says.

Ainsworth announced the possibility of reducing the fighter fleet of Tornado and Harrier and cut the budget for Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft.

This final decision will end the bitter negotiations for months about the 2010 budget

From: www.elshinta.com

What do you think about Adsense

Google Adsense is a way that uses by Google to publish the advertisement sent by the webmasters on Adword. to publish the advertisement Google offer to all man that have the blog to put the advertisement at the blog. if have any body that click at the advertisement the advertiser will pay to google and google pay to us, because the advertisement is clicked at our blog.

How about Google Adsense Interesting
Now days almost all part of our life is be easy, but if we know the way and can read the development. Provide our blog and join the google adsense. Why? may be the answer is to recover our future. Get the money from google adsense, how much? no limit, to get the money from adsense is unlimited, it is depend at our selves. how much we can to optimize our blog for visiting by the searcher.

You can get the dollar from adsense about $0.01 until $10 average for a valid click. interesting? sure. what do you wait anymore. Action!!

But, before you join in adsense, you must think that no way to be quick in rich. no way to rich in less of effort. you must build your blog before. How can you growth your blog? it is as clever as you about SEO. SEO is every one. if we can composure SEO as good as possible, we can be success at blog nicely.

The last, we success at Adsense that we join it. why? because any traffic that will come to our blog. it means, our blog will much valid click collected. much click is much money. Do you believe? Try it.


How to reduce the temperature of computer

Reduce the temperature of the computer!, It is important to keep the stability of your computer. Computer temperature is you must take, especially for those of you who use small computers with a working system.

Here we will say a few ways to reduce your computer temperatus.

1. Match clockspeed and voltage manually through the hardware
Do this only if you're comfortable configuring the BIOS and know how to reset the jumper on the motherboard. If you plan to seriously tamper with the system for minimum power consumption, you may have to reset several times before obtaining the optimal configuration. Very difficult to give any instructions on setting up to do. Each motherboard has different settings and may have the same options, but different results.

If you are serious about saving energy, you will need time to do research on a range of voltages, settings where the right individual to maintain stability while reducing power consumption.

2. Turn off your computer
How to number one of the most effective is when your computer off when not needed. Many people still leave their computers running 24 hours a day even when not in use. Indeed C & Q or SpeedStep can reduce energy usage, but still the energy that is used to increase over time.

3. Make sure if Intel SpeedStep or AMD Cool'N'Quiet Functioning
Both Intel and AMD have a microprocessor that enables the chip to significantly reduce the speed, power consumption, and heat. At first, these features are designed for mobile processors, but was integrated into the desktop and workstation processors as well.

4. Do not use CRT
It has a color CRT monitors and the response time the better. But in terms of savings CRT is a very bad idea. For example, the monitor Sony G400 19 "using the power of 140W and 15W when operating in an idle state while the LCD monitor Acer AL2216 22" is not only bigger, but it also uses only 40% of the energy required Sony, which is 55W when operating and 2W when idle.

5. Match clockspeed & voltage manually via software
If your system does not support SpeedStep or C & Q, or you want to adjust further settings, use the software or other programs. AMD offers OverDrive, NVIDIA has nTune, and Crystal CPUID is very useful to set the CPU multipliers (at least at K8 / Intel parts, but not for K10), and many motherboard makers that have their programs on their own, although the quality of software can varied.

POsted by d3tektro.forumotion.com
source: Arstechnica

Tips to keep your computer well

Computer is everything, a bag as we can tell now. why? because almost every line of human life is now done by computer. What else to you as a blogger, where your time is always spent in front of your computer. how can you blogging without a computer, create a template, design blogspot, wordpress or perform tasks your presentation. it will jam along with your computer breakdown. you would not want your job freezes, then you also do not want your computer or damaged mact quickly.

Following I will give some tips to keep your computer well.

1. Install important softwares

Install the software that you feel is important to you. Do not install any software on your computer if you do not know what software is and what its uses.

2. File/Folder Management

Separate your storage space with partition Operating System. By separating the data, if something goes wrong on the operating system, then your data remains safe.

Set the data you have appropriate categories. Do not mix all your data in a folder. To specifically music files, stored in a special folder for music. You can also create a sub-category for this music as category mp3, wav and others.

3. Clean Motherboard

Perform cleaning the motherboard at least one time a month. Way, open the computer case and remove each component of the motherboard.

What is important for the recall, remember the location before you release the component parts of the place. It would be better, if you describe the location of each component on the motherboard and then let go. If you do not feel brave, ask for assistance to people who are experts in this field, in the sense that it must not, without science.

Clean the motherboard and all the motherboard components such as RAM, VGA, Fan, and other components using a soft brush. I recommend using air guns to places where brushes can not reach us clean. After that, reinstall the motherboard.

4. Delete Cookies and Temporary Internet Files

Cokiee store information that is important when you're browsing the Internet. If this cookie contains your personal information and fall into unauthorized hands, the people who get personal data may use the personal data for purposes such as you use the email password, your facebook password, your adsense password or user name.

5. Install Antivirus

It is important also adalan anti-virus, install anti-virus to protect your computer from viruses latent danger of cyberspace. This is particularly necessary if the pc you use frequently receive data from anywhere like from the internet or from other media such as floppy or flash disk.

6. Reset registry

Registry can be damaged by the install and uninstall software. At the moment we do uninstall, not every entry in the registry is deleted. So that it can make a registry to swell and cause problems.

7. Disk Defrag

Perform hard disk defragment your hard disk to remain durable and long lasting. By doing defrag your hard disk, your data will be rearranged again.

way: take the start + programs + accessorie + System tools + disk difragmenter

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