A poor man build bery bizarre mosque in the world


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Maybe we do not believe if you do not see the facts. A person who is not rich, even poor, but able to build a mosque in Turkey. The name was most unusual mosque in the world, namely "Shanke Yadem" (Let's Eat Only). Very strange is not it? Behind the mosque is the most unusual name is a very interesting story and contains valuable lessons for us.

In an area of Al-Fateh, in the outskirts of Istanbul is one of wara 'and is very simple, name Khayr Afandi. Every time the market he did not buy anything. When you feel hungry and want to eat or buy something, such as fruit, meat or sweets, he said to himself: Let's just been eating in Turki "Shanke Yadem".

Well, what did he do after that? Money that should be used to purchase food purposes was put into a box dalan (Tromol) ... That's what he does every month and throughout the year. He was able to restrain himself for not eating and shopping unless limited only maintain its survival.

Day by day, month turned into months, years of change in Khayr Hassanain consistent with the charitable and strong intentions to realize the dream of building a mosque. Without felt, finally Khayr Afandi able to raise funds to build a small mosque in the neighborhood. Very simple shape, a square fence, marked with two towers on the left and right, while in the midst of Qiblah direction as the sanctuary is made.

Finally, Khayr al-Din succeeded in realizing the ideals of a very precious and people around in surprise, really poor Khayr was ingrained in him a noble goal, namely to build a mosque and he managed to achieve. No corpulent people who think that people Khairud was incredible and a lot of rich people who can not do good as Khayr Hassanain.

After the mosque stood, people wondered what the hell was going on Akhiruddin Hassanain. They ask how a poor ceritana can build a mosque. After they heard a fascinating story that, they also agreed to give her name with: "Shanke yadem" (Only I've Angap Eat).

Subhanallah! If rich people and has earned more than the Muslims in this world to think like Khayr, how much funding will be collected for the poor? How many mosques, schools, hospitals and other living facilities can be built? How many infra structure of our realization that, without having to borrow to the institution and who were hostile to the Islamic State and its people?

Even if the Muslims today have a concept of simple living and the importance and priority to the afterlife in heaven rather than the court house in the world, like those of Khayr Hassanain, these people must be able to leave a clean and syubhat in their lives. They must be able to defeat the deceptive worldly lust it. As a result, must be a Muslim country will be abundant blessing that God opened the heavens from the earth. The reality is otherwise. "(Sura Al-raf / 7: 96) So take a lesson O men who use common sense!


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