UK Pay for the War in Afghanistan


British Defense Minister Bob Ainsworth is expected to announce an outline of his plan to buy new equipment for operations in Afghanistan by cutting spending.

A British Royal Air Force base may be closed and thousands of people in the field of defense will lose his job.

Bob Ainsworth will explain to the members of parliament that more than 20 Chinook helicopters will be ordered in the next 10 years.

BBC defense correspondent Caroline Wyatt says, the government will announce the purchase of the Boeing Chinook helicopter after months of criticism about the number of helicopters operating in the Helman Province, Afghanistan.

Some of the helicopters that will be sent directly to the front line for British troops helps in Afghanistan.

Addition of a C17 transport plane may also be budgeted for the order.

However, funds must be from the budget of the Ministry of Defense now has excessive spending, our correspondent says.

Ainsworth announced the possibility of reducing the fighter fleet of Tornado and Harrier and cut the budget for Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft.

This final decision will end the bitter negotiations for months about the 2010 budget



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