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Computer is everything, a bag as we can tell now. why? because almost every line of human life is now done by computer. What else to you as a blogger, where your time is always spent in front of your computer. how can you blogging without a computer, create a template, design blogspot, wordpress or perform tasks your presentation. it will jam along with your computer breakdown. you would not want your job freezes, then you also do not want your computer or damaged mact quickly.

Following I will give some tips to keep your computer well.

1. Install important softwares

Install the software that you feel is important to you. Do not install any software on your computer if you do not know what software is and what its uses.

2. File/Folder Management

Separate your storage space with partition Operating System. By separating the data, if something goes wrong on the operating system, then your data remains safe.

Set the data you have appropriate categories. Do not mix all your data in a folder. To specifically music files, stored in a special folder for music. You can also create a sub-category for this music as category mp3, wav and others.

3. Clean Motherboard

Perform cleaning the motherboard at least one time a month. Way, open the computer case and remove each component of the motherboard.

What is important for the recall, remember the location before you release the component parts of the place. It would be better, if you describe the location of each component on the motherboard and then let go. If you do not feel brave, ask for assistance to people who are experts in this field, in the sense that it must not, without science.

Clean the motherboard and all the motherboard components such as RAM, VGA, Fan, and other components using a soft brush. I recommend using air guns to places where brushes can not reach us clean. After that, reinstall the motherboard.

4. Delete Cookies and Temporary Internet Files

Cokiee store information that is important when you're browsing the Internet. If this cookie contains your personal information and fall into unauthorized hands, the people who get personal data may use the personal data for purposes such as you use the email password, your facebook password, your adsense password or user name.

5. Install Antivirus

It is important also adalan anti-virus, install anti-virus to protect your computer from viruses latent danger of cyberspace. This is particularly necessary if the pc you use frequently receive data from anywhere like from the internet or from other media such as floppy or flash disk.

6. Reset registry

Registry can be damaged by the install and uninstall software. At the moment we do uninstall, not every entry in the registry is deleted. So that it can make a registry to swell and cause problems.

7. Disk Defrag

Perform hard disk defragment your hard disk to remain durable and long lasting. By doing defrag your hard disk, your data will be rearranged again.

way: take the start + programs + accessorie + System tools + disk difragmenter

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