Do not Forget to Set Administrator Password in Windows 7


For users of Windows 7 you have to be careful! When you install Windows 7, Windows 7 you will create the Administrator account automatically. Account by default in the disable position and without a password. And the first account that you use at the time in Windows 7 is your own account with the privilege (authority) Administrator.

Rates are very likely to enabled, an attacker could have made an application to enable the Administrator user with only one line command.

'net user administrator /active:yes’

and then using an administrator user to do what the attacker wants, as an example an attacker could have opened the file-sharing drive C (default share C $) course with an administrator user with no password.

This is a little different with Windows XP, if the Windows XP installation when you are required to enter an administrator password, then in Windows 7 you just enter a user name. This user name that will be a user with administrator privillege. So when you enter Windows 7 first time, the user is what you wear (with administrator privileges) account and disable the administrator in a state without a password.

Conclusion: For safety reasons it is better you also assign a password (set password) Administrator on Windows 7 and disable sharing drive C that is Hiden default share C $.



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