'Gogole' Jack Google Revenue


Jakarta - What happens when Internet users type in the name of Google in the Internet? Gogole example. Of internet users will lead to other sites rather than to the search engine in question.

The same thing happens on other sites, especially the popular. For example, instead Panodra Pandora and many more.

However, did you know that it is actually profitable Google? Reportedly, due to typing errors like this, Google has the potential to make a profit of U.S. $ 500 million per year!

This is because the action called 'typosquatting' on the internet. This action is a form of cybersquatting (straddling the popular domain names that have not bought one) for the misspelled domain names.

On a typo sites usually only show ads only. Well, the ad was said to have originated mostly from the Google service, which means Google is also a part.

This problem is investigated by Tyler Moore and Benjamin Edelman of Harvard University. As reported by detikINET from Switched.com, Saturday (20/2/2010) They said Google has been supplying the ads in about 60% kecohan sites available.

No wonder, more researchers, if Google made a lot of money from here. It is estimated that the number could reach $ 500 million per year (about USD 4.7 trillion).

Google's own income in the year 2009 is known to reach U.S. $ 23 billion (approximately Rp 214 trillion). Of that amount, as much as 97% of it comes from advertising.

Just a note, the use of the name 'Gogole' in this paper is for illustrative purposes alone. Gogole.com own domain name seems to have been 'rescued' by Google.


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