Spice up the your New Year with orange trees and meihwa tree


We celebrate Chinese New Year, we did not forget this one. The color is red and pink from Meihwa tree, making the current atmosphere like spring. Trees have many Meihwa everywhere, from the Chinatown area to office areas.

Like a Christmas tree that usually there is always a Christian home at Christmas, then the tree must Meihwa also present at the "imlek". Existence Meihwa tree, making the atmosphere "Imlek" so much felt.

"It is generally Meihwa pink tree, but now there is also a red and yellow. Even today people ordering more red trees. We also can choose the size appropriate to our needs. Which would, of greater or smaller? "Said trader at Glodok.

Problems can still affordable prices kok, for small approximately USD 20 thousand and 250 thousand big worth. Moreover, the Chinese celebrate the new year we can only celebrate once a year, because it lets us decorate "imlek" by Meihwa tree.

Meihwa trees usually placed at home or at work, as a tree in celebration of Lunar New Year luck. Everyone welcome Imlek, this tree is used as a place to put angpao, but we also can write a wish and put into envelopes, then placed around the tree Meihwa.

In addition Meihwa trees, orange trees are also much in demand during the Chinese new year. For gold citrus trees symbolizing fortune and more fruit, the more well sustenance. That's why there are orange trees must also in the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Celebrating Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, with Meihwa trees and orange trees would be more fun. Colorful beauty of the tree Meihwa and refreshing citrus trees, will make your new year even more festive. Moreover, to celebrate with family and those closest.


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