3 Main Pillars in SEO Technique on 2010


Talking about seo certainly never ending, this is because Google itself (and other search engines) are always changing the algorithm on a regular basis (to generate search results more relevant). We as a blogger or SEO, for both beginners and masters buddies certainly can not be sure how the search engine algorithm really is. However we still can analyze and pick up some important points to keep can exist in the search results page or SERP google and other search engines.

In this post titled "3 Main Pillars in SEO Technique on 2010", will discuss the analysis that the owners do in the following 3 points:

1. Internal Link Building

Seo techniques by building Iink Internal method is a method that utilizes every page blog to build a link from one page blog/post with the other pages by using the same blog 1. Examples of internal links are very good building can be seen is the wikipedia site.

2. Quality backlink

Until now, in 2010, will remain backlinks seem to be his soul seo. Surely the day of google and other search engines will continue to improve the selection system of quality backlinks, and not a bad or even (if my friend got a backlink to the category of "bad" best friend must begin to be careful).

3. Frequency update post

If my friend thinks that unique content is important, I think it's already starting to fade on this year. Why? because the evidence duplicate content aka kopas content could be even better than the original article. This can happens with the help of point number 2 is backlink to duplicate content. So, if the original article has a number of backlinks that fewer copies of the content there is a possibility the repairman kopas serp better than the original content in addition to other factors that support the serp.

For that, do post updates regularly and in a fixed time, specify a definite schedule for posting. Each new post try to have at least 1 link to previous articles.

Thus an important 3 points that support the position in serp google mate this year based on the view of a beginner seo, probably from my friend there are additional or different opinion? please argue and exchange ideas. Thank you and hopefully useful.


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