10 Most Expensive Toy in the World (pic)


10 most expensive toy in the world, look it, complete with it is images...

1. Darth Vader

Spoiler To see Image:

Darth Vader's helmet from the movie Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, is a real helmet that can be directly applied to look clearer vision than the previous helmet.
Price: $ 115,000 & background.

2. Gundam

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Platinum Gundam is based on cooperation between companies Bandai by Ginza Tanaka jewelry store. With 125 mm high and weighing about 1.400 grams, this gundam exhibited in Basel, Switzerland.
Price: $ 250,000

3. Ride-On Toy

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Junior Off Roader toy has a fairly complete facilities to match the original car, start from: protective frame, dual hydraulic disk brakes, rack and pinion steering, manual emergency brake, full front and rear suspension, front and rear suspension, three speed transmission, radio and a CD player with speakers on the side doors. Quite an expensive toy for children.
Price: $ 40,000 USD.

4. Pez

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Pez names are: 1982 World's Fair Astronaut B Pez Dispenser. Only 2 items are produced. And a prototype for the World's Fair board.
Retrieved auctioned from Pez workers.
Price: $ 32,205.00 USD

5. Toy Gun

Spoiler To see Image:

6mm miniature toy gun can destroy it is thick enough glass to pieces. And with this toy magazine 3000 can also destroy the Japanese weapons.
Price: $ 9,000 USD

6. Mobil Matchbox

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Toy car (Sea Green Sedan/Opel Diplomat 1966) is a toy Matchbox cars are rare enough to be sought by collectors. Valued around $ 9,000 and is a fairly expensive toy for a small car. When we bought the car when it was produced, only 48 cents appreciated
Price: $ 9,000 USD.

7. Toy Soldiers

Spoiler To see Image:

This toy was made by Don Levine and was the prototype of GI Joe toys in 1963. Levine has sold these toys at the auction held by Heritage Comics Auctions of Dallas, to Baltimore businessman Stephen A. Geppi in 2003.
Price: $ 200,000 USD


Board game boy was made of shiny gold approximately 18 carats. And fitted with a diamond around the monitor is quite a lot. Designed by Aspreys of the London and obtainable in London Supply.
Price: $ 25,000 USD

9. Barbie

Spoiler To see Image:

Barbie Diamond was designed by De Beers, where the body was mounted 160 barbie diamond, with a small size barbie almost throughout the body. This is one of the barbie who was designed in order to celebrate the birthday of the barbie 40.
Price: $ 85,000 USD

10. Hotwheels Diamond

Spoiler to see image:

Hot wheels cars are produced with coated with 18k gold and diamonds of 23 carats. This car was auctioned at Bonhams auction value intervals are quite large. The car itself was designed by Otto Kuhni.
* Auction House: Bonhams & Butterfields
* Auction Date: October 2008
* Size: 77mm long by 31mm wide
* Pre-Auction Estimate: $ 10,000 - $ 20,000 USD


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