10 Sites and web services deserves attention in 2010


2009 has passed and now we are in the new year, 2010. During the year 2009 we see how quickly the internet development followed by the more varied the types of websites and services offered.

Now enter the year 2010 may be a trend for the popular website can change over the previous year. And for that let us predict a website, web services and mobile sites which could clear his fate in this year.

1. Bing

Microsoft's search engine, in the last year have started to show much improvement and over time can seem attractive to Internet users. This year and for any Bing estimated to be more shining slowly the previous Google rival unshakable in the search engine market.

2. Fancast Xfinity TV

Comcast is known as one of the major players in the field of media will release a Web-based version of their cable TV show. With this new service, Fancast Xfinity TV, we can watch cable TV on your PC on demand. Currently Xfinity services already offered 2000 hours of movies and TV shows. But it seems to Indonesia market still could.

3. Android Market

Android operating system is now controlled 3.5% share of the smartphone market in the world. But according to Gartner's prediction, Android is expected to become the second most popular smartphone operating system in 2012 after the iPhone OS Android Market so that services could be on this year will shine as the increased use Android handset.

4. Google Voice

Want to call near and far but with low cost and even free? Google Voice may be the answer to those who want a cheap phone. This service is not running as it gets opposition from some parties such as Apple and AT & T. But apparently Google Voice no longer in circulation since last year Google has bought Gizmo5, a VoIP service provider.

5. Grooveshark

rapid growth in the last two quarters because of the highly sought-after services of free music. Grooveshark is an online music search engine, streaming music services and software applications international music recommendation website that allows users to search for streams and free upload music to play right away. Year 2010 is estimated to be more Grooveshark skyrocketed.

6. Justin.tv

Unlike with youtube, which only shows the videos that have been recorded, on Justin.tv we can find the video streams of all kinds, and each captured in real time by members of Justin.tv with their video cameras. Particularly for those who frequently use Justin.tv to watch live sports show, must have been familiar with this site.

7. Clicker

Online video services are mushrooming and are increasingly more favorable for the users of the Internet and Clicker allows us in finding the desired video category. Clicker helps Internet users find what they are looking for videos of the many sites online video services available.

8. Yammer

Yammer is like Twitter for the workgroup. Atmosphere so that a boring job with the Yammer became more cheerful.

9. Postabon

Shopping in the team. Shopping socially. The concept is cool like that offered by Postabon. Postabon specialize so that we can save money by connecting you with the discount recommendations informed by the other customers in our area.

10. Wikitravel.org

When we travel, we will be helped by knowing accurate information about where we are headed. And inspired by Wikipedia, Wikitravel offers some information about tourist attractions around the world, including the recommendation of the places we visit and what-what we can do there.


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