12 Coolest Robots That Must you know


Currently we see a hobby to make the robot is not only done by those ordinary professors or students, children and adolescents had a lot of that has begun to make robots. Regardless of the level of difficulty, robots created by children and adolescents have a hobby that prove that they learn is not a hobby that is not possible to learn.

As more and more-maker robot maker, also makes a variety of work they produce. Various robot with the function and purpose have been made, beginning that aimed to the needs of industry, health, human servants and friends, military and other functions.

This follows a 12 coolest robots, the result of technology. they have functions and roles of each

This robots are made by companies Robotics and CSS can be used for several purposes, for example to deliver drugs in a hospital that used to be done by a nurse or to transport equipment and materials in the lab.

2. The Haptic Wand made Quanser

A robot that works like human hands, could be moved to the right, left, up and down. Used for virtual surgery.

3. Robosoft artificial RobuLab10

RobuLab10 equipped with a laser, ultrasound, cameras and IP connectivity. Its function is to help care for someone who has limited mobility in their homes. Equipped also with the ability to speak so as to remind patients when to take his medicine.

4. Segway RMP

Take a look at the picture below the robot, so solid. Segway RMP is a robot built with the capability faster, cheaper and can carry more weight than the existing robots.

5. Segway bomb disposal robots

A single robot is used to identify packets that a bomb or suspicious, and then try to tame it with water it with high pressure water hose.

6. iRobot's PacBot510

This lightweight robot used with the infantry and if there is to find things suspicious so he immediately picked up and clean up.

7. iRobot's SUGV

A tiny robot that can walk with a speed of 6 miles per hour and can be inserted into the bag. Used for military purposes and to help the police, for example in hostage situations.

8. Gamer technology

A military robot that is very expensive which is controlled by the game controller (stick games) such as PS and easier to use.

9. Robot Maars Foster-Miller made co.

Military robots can be used to transport heavy goods and move it. It is also used in an attempt to taming the bomb.

10. Robot TALON made by Foster-Miller

Talon robot to go on duty to the place where humans are at risk to enter, as a place full of gas or radiation. Also used to move the explosives from one place.

11. WAM Arm made by Barrett Technology

WAM Arm is a deft robotic hand that the scenario can be used to assist rehabilitation of medical and other needs.

12. Keepon made by Beetbot

Keepon is a robot designed to interact with the children in the context of social development research and therapy of autistic children. Function as a camera eye and his nose is a microphone.


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