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Jakarta - Not understanding the meaning of a foreign language while on the go?. Do not be afraid Google is working on software that can translate text captured by camera phones.

In a demonstration at the Mobile World Congress, a Google engineer to take a picture style dinner menu with German mobile phone running Android operating system.

An application on the phone and then send the results of the photo images to Google's servers which then sends back the results of the translation into the mobile phone.

Titled 'Fruhlingssalat mit Wildkrautern' which means 'spring salad with wild plants'.

Still no word when a sophisticated software will be available in the market. Software that translates the image into text already available in some phones, but in general the process is carried out within the device.

The demonstration was part of the main speeches Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the trade show is the largest wireless industry.

He said that mobile applications will take advantage of cloud computing, that is, access by the server through a wireless network, and brought major changes to the telecommunications industry.

Schmidt's speech also display video and game demonstration run on the Android phone by using Flash. The format has appeared on various web pages but not able to walk on many phones.****


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