Sketsa Evolution XI Circulating in Cyberspace


London - Sketch Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (Evo) XI circulating in cyberspace. Evo XI rumored to be a car plug-in hybrid that will use electric motors to replace the turbocharger which are common in normal engines.

Evo XI will use the same platform with the concept car plug-in hybrid PX-MiEV which had appeared first in public in the event the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) in 2009. If realized, the 2.0L engine that Evo will be much faster automatic with electric motor assistance through the power of lithium ion batteries. This electric motor will drive the front wheels, while for ordinary engines will drive the rear wheels that make the Evo XI four-wheel drive.

"This electric motor will work like a turbo, it's just more quiet and smooth so that the performance of this car is no doubt," said a source.****


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