How to Protect Your Blog from Plagiarism unwanted

Hii all friend bloggers. on the first day of this new year 2010 aceh Ubaid will make the posting about "how to protect your blog from plagiarism unwanted".

This adult blog is growing rapidly. everywhere, so very many possibilities for new bloggers for tracing your blog as blogs, or as the contents of this blog content. Here we have tips to protect our blogs of plagiarism in the not wanted.

Want to know how? Just follow the following tips "to protect the blog from plagiarism".

The first log in to your blogger, then do not forget to check the "expand widgets". Your next search <body> code, already can? The next steps are:
enter the following code after the body text.

oncontextmenu='return false' onmousedown='return false' onselectstart='return false'

So, it is code be like this <body oncontextmenu='return false' onmousedown='return false' onselectstart='return false'>

OK, understand?. finish here before the tips blogging from aceh ubaid, see you next time. :):D

Terrible Snow Storm

The terrible of the snow storm aver the world, The following are many picture that show you about the terrible of snow storm. Enjoy it!

terrible snow storm

First Snow Storm

terrible snow storm

Snow Storm

snow storm


A poor man build bery bizarre mosque in the world

Be a simple shape, but the crowd was coming in from around the village before the prayer time in

Maybe we do not believe if you do not see the facts. A person who is not rich, even poor, but able to build a mosque in Turkey. The name was most unusual mosque in the world, namely "Shanke Yadem" (Let's Eat Only). Very strange is not it? Behind the mosque is the most unusual name is a very interesting story and contains valuable lessons for us.

In an area of Al-Fateh, in the outskirts of Istanbul is one of wara 'and is very simple, name Khayr Afandi. Every time the market he did not buy anything. When you feel hungry and want to eat or buy something, such as fruit, meat or sweets, he said to himself: Let's just been eating in Turki "Shanke Yadem".

Well, what did he do after that? Money that should be used to purchase food purposes was put into a box dalan (Tromol) ... That's what he does every month and throughout the year. He was able to restrain himself for not eating and shopping unless limited only maintain its survival.

Day by day, month turned into months, years of change in Khayr Hassanain consistent with the charitable and strong intentions to realize the dream of building a mosque. Without felt, finally Khayr Afandi able to raise funds to build a small mosque in the neighborhood. Very simple shape, a square fence, marked with two towers on the left and right, while in the midst of Qiblah direction as the sanctuary is made.

Finally, Khayr al-Din succeeded in realizing the ideals of a very precious and people around in surprise, really poor Khayr was ingrained in him a noble goal, namely to build a mosque and he managed to achieve. No corpulent people who think that people Khairud was incredible and a lot of rich people who can not do good as Khayr Hassanain.

After the mosque stood, people wondered what the hell was going on Akhiruddin Hassanain. They ask how a poor ceritana can build a mosque. After they heard a fascinating story that, they also agreed to give her name with: "Shanke yadem" (Only I've Angap Eat).

Subhanallah! If rich people and has earned more than the Muslims in this world to think like Khayr, how much funding will be collected for the poor? How many mosques, schools, hospitals and other living facilities can be built? How many infra structure of our realization that, without having to borrow to the institution and who were hostile to the Islamic State and its people?

Even if the Muslims today have a concept of simple living and the importance and priority to the afterlife in heaven rather than the court house in the world, like those of Khayr Hassanain, these people must be able to leave a clean and syubhat in their lives. They must be able to defeat the deceptive worldly lust it. As a result, must be a Muslim country will be abundant blessing that God opened the heavens from the earth. The reality is otherwise. "(Sura Al-raf / 7: 96) So take a lesson O men who use common sense!


450 troops secured the Christmas and New Year 2010

Police Demak, Central Java to prepare 2 / 3 strength or as many as 450 personnel to secure the celebration of Christmas and New Year 2010. As stated by Chief of Police of Demak, AKBP Wawan Ridwan.

Wawan said, from 600 personnel sebayak there were 450 personnel deployed to secure the two celebrations. This step is done to the people of Christians feel safe and comfortable so that they can worship in peace.
In addition to Christmas, said Wawan, the institute also conducts security 2010 New Year's celebrations.

Temple Candle operations are performed is also doing security in a number of vital objects, and places fasum crowd.

Police Chief confirmed with assisted optimal security related agencies, is expected to Christmas celebrations and New Year can run orderly and smoothly as previous years.

Wawan also threatened to take stern action against any person who would interfere with the celebration of Christmas and New Year, including from members


UK Pay for the War in Afghanistan

British Defense Minister Bob Ainsworth is expected to announce an outline of his plan to buy new equipment for operations in Afghanistan by cutting spending.

A British Royal Air Force base may be closed and thousands of people in the field of defense will lose his job.

Bob Ainsworth will explain to the members of parliament that more than 20 Chinook helicopters will be ordered in the next 10 years.

BBC defense correspondent Caroline Wyatt says, the government will announce the purchase of the Boeing Chinook helicopter after months of criticism about the number of helicopters operating in the Helman Province, Afghanistan.

Some of the helicopters that will be sent directly to the front line for British troops helps in Afghanistan.

Addition of a C17 transport plane may also be budgeted for the order.

However, funds must be from the budget of the Ministry of Defense now has excessive spending, our correspondent says.

Ainsworth announced the possibility of reducing the fighter fleet of Tornado and Harrier and cut the budget for Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft.

This final decision will end the bitter negotiations for months about the 2010 budget


What do you think about Adsense

Google Adsense is a way that uses by Google to publish the advertisement sent by the webmasters on Adword. to publish the advertisement Google offer to all man that have the blog to put the advertisement at the blog. if have any body that click at the advertisement the advertiser will pay to google and google pay to us, because the advertisement is clicked at our blog.

How about Google Adsense Interesting
Now days almost all part of our life is be easy, but if we know the way and can read the development. Provide our blog and join the google adsense. Why? may be the answer is to recover our future. Get the money from google adsense, how much? no limit, to get the money from adsense is unlimited, it is depend at our selves. how much we can to optimize our blog for visiting by the searcher.

You can get the dollar from adsense about $0.01 until $10 average for a valid click. interesting? sure. what do you wait anymore. Action!!

But, before you join in adsense, you must think that no way to be quick in rich. no way to rich in less of effort. you must build your blog before. How can you growth your blog? it is as clever as you about SEO. SEO is every one. if we can composure SEO as good as possible, we can be success at blog nicely.

The last, we success at Adsense that we join it. why? because any traffic that will come to our blog. it means, our blog will much valid click collected. much click is much money. Do you believe? Try it.


How to reduce the temperature of computer

Reduce the temperature of the computer!, It is important to keep the stability of your computer. Computer temperature is you must take, especially for those of you who use small computers with a working system.

Here we will say a few ways to reduce your computer temperatus.

1. Match clockspeed and voltage manually through the hardware
Do this only if you're comfortable configuring the BIOS and know how to reset the jumper on the motherboard. If you plan to seriously tamper with the system for minimum power consumption, you may have to reset several times before obtaining the optimal configuration. Very difficult to give any instructions on setting up to do. Each motherboard has different settings and may have the same options, but different results.

If you are serious about saving energy, you will need time to do research on a range of voltages, settings where the right individual to maintain stability while reducing power consumption.

2. Turn off your computer
How to number one of the most effective is when your computer off when not needed. Many people still leave their computers running 24 hours a day even when not in use. Indeed C & Q or SpeedStep can reduce energy usage, but still the energy that is used to increase over time.

3. Make sure if Intel SpeedStep or AMD Cool'N'Quiet Functioning
Both Intel and AMD have a microprocessor that enables the chip to significantly reduce the speed, power consumption, and heat. At first, these features are designed for mobile processors, but was integrated into the desktop and workstation processors as well.

4. Do not use CRT
It has a color CRT monitors and the response time the better. But in terms of savings CRT is a very bad idea. For example, the monitor Sony G400 19 "using the power of 140W and 15W when operating in an idle state while the LCD monitor Acer AL2216 22" is not only bigger, but it also uses only 40% of the energy required Sony, which is 55W when operating and 2W when idle.

5. Match clockspeed & voltage manually via software
If your system does not support SpeedStep or C & Q, or you want to adjust further settings, use the software or other programs. AMD offers OverDrive, NVIDIA has nTune, and Crystal CPUID is very useful to set the CPU multipliers (at least at K8 / Intel parts, but not for K10), and many motherboard makers that have their programs on their own, although the quality of software can varied.

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source: Arstechnica

Tips to keep your computer well

Computer is everything, a bag as we can tell now. why? because almost every line of human life is now done by computer. What else to you as a blogger, where your time is always spent in front of your computer. how can you blogging without a computer, create a template, design blogspot, wordpress or perform tasks your presentation. it will jam along with your computer breakdown. you would not want your job freezes, then you also do not want your computer or damaged mact quickly.

Following I will give some tips to keep your computer well.

1. Install important softwares

Install the software that you feel is important to you. Do not install any software on your computer if you do not know what software is and what its uses.

2. File/Folder Management

Separate your storage space with partition Operating System. By separating the data, if something goes wrong on the operating system, then your data remains safe.

Set the data you have appropriate categories. Do not mix all your data in a folder. To specifically music files, stored in a special folder for music. You can also create a sub-category for this music as category mp3, wav and others.

3. Clean Motherboard

Perform cleaning the motherboard at least one time a month. Way, open the computer case and remove each component of the motherboard.

What is important for the recall, remember the location before you release the component parts of the place. It would be better, if you describe the location of each component on the motherboard and then let go. If you do not feel brave, ask for assistance to people who are experts in this field, in the sense that it must not, without science.

Clean the motherboard and all the motherboard components such as RAM, VGA, Fan, and other components using a soft brush. I recommend using air guns to places where brushes can not reach us clean. After that, reinstall the motherboard.

4. Delete Cookies and Temporary Internet Files

Cokiee store information that is important when you're browsing the Internet. If this cookie contains your personal information and fall into unauthorized hands, the people who get personal data may use the personal data for purposes such as you use the email password, your facebook password, your adsense password or user name.

5. Install Antivirus

It is important also adalan anti-virus, install anti-virus to protect your computer from viruses latent danger of cyberspace. This is particularly necessary if the pc you use frequently receive data from anywhere like from the internet or from other media such as floppy or flash disk.

6. Reset registry

Registry can be damaged by the install and uninstall software. At the moment we do uninstall, not every entry in the registry is deleted. So that it can make a registry to swell and cause problems.

7. Disk Defrag

Perform hard disk defragment your hard disk to remain durable and long lasting. By doing defrag your hard disk, your data will be rearranged again.

way: take the start + programs + accessorie + System tools + disk difragmenter

Read Other POst:

The first experience with adsense payment through western union

Western Union is a new way of making payment adsense, maybe my post about adsense payment, or about the western union is very late. but, what the hell this is my personal experience that it can taste adsense effort. after a few months with adsense is not come to $100, but then "Thank God" came too $100.

After $100, exactly $102 I immediately took the information about my adsense payment listed in the adsense account, take it where? yes take it to the bank. the banks that accept payment through Western Union (WU). I first came to panam pekanbaru independent bank, but there is not available WU, then the banks' Shariah Mandiri "and Bank Panin, had two banks could not serve. Shari'ah bank because its services have been damaged, Bank Panin did not accept Western Union. then with the courage and the heart pounding I ask you to Bank Danamon in pekanbaru Nangka road. "Thank God" was the bank did receive fast payouts and secure delivery via western union.

Payment by western union, it was very easy, we just have to fill in the form of fee revenue from google adsense, then the Bank Danamon check our payment, if it is correct, we just stay waiting adsense money making process which was $100. we do not charge, even for the price Rp.6000 seal directly deducted from our payments.

We have provided a resident challenge cards, and our adsense payment information, that's all. and then our money could be liquid directly on the spot, about 30 minutes. That's the first experience with google adsense payment, which became my encouragement to continue developing in adsense.


How to insert music into facebook

Meet again in facebook tips, some time ago we talked about how to create a reverse in tulkisan facebook status. now we'll move on to other facebook tips, ie how to add music into facebook.

how, if you are interested in the existing facebook music, if you answer "yes" let's see how to insert music into facebook. of course you must first log in into your facebook .... please.

after logging in, try to open this site

Then select the songs you like, and follow the steps, clean up, already know how, please distribute this article to the world to enter into under socialbookmark

How to write text upside down on facebook and friendster

you are used to read the facebook status with writing up, but what if we write or use an upside-down writing to update the status on facebook. certainly does not seem funny!.

Facebook status not only just, but you can give comments to your friend in friendster. how, you pull to make it? Ok, we immediately see the process of writing this upside down.

1. To make writing upside down, please visit

2. Second tips, write the first dikolom writing you want to make to your facebook status, or writing that you want to create in reverse, in the second column will be directly visible form of writing backwards, or upside down writing.

Look the result as folow, at the picture

Keep blogging.... and success alwayas

How to blogging On Facebook using Notes

you already have a facebook account? I think all of us who frequent online already have an account on facebook. Here I will share know my friends all for blogging by using the facebook application. application is that? It is nites, with a pad we can use it to write what we want and then we are publishing on our facebook.

Ok, ready to start making notes blog on facebook. Let us learn to make it right.

1. Click the facebook application, it was right in the left corner of facebook, at the bottom. for details, see the picture

2. After that, you are looking for facebook application "notes", and click there

3. Then Click the Notes at the right or at the middle of facebook
at "Write a New Note"

4. At the page of "Write a New Note", look the following and fill it all.

5. If you already, click "publish"

7. at the last. click pulish one again, as you look below


How to promote your blog via facebook by

Twitterfeed is a site that connects service Twitter or Facebook page with a blog you have, so every time there is writing/new posts in your blog, it will show up as your current status on facebook or twitter. But you need to install RSS feeds from your blog that will connect with Twitter or facebook. You have pre-requisite must be registered on facebook or twitter.

twitter feed.bmp

Well, here's nie steps linking your blog to facebook.

* First you must create an account, how to click the Register Now button. Complete data your email and password, then click Create Account.

* Next select the Facebook or Twitter, (in this case select for Facebook) and click Connect with facebook. Enter your username and password your facebook,
continue until finished, click Allow Access. Click Allow Publishing to end.


Tips to prevent fraud on the internet

For those of you who are running an online business, maybe a couple of times you've cheated. There are many websites a scam or fraud out there that promise quick money and in larger amounts. Ok, here I try to give some tips for avoiding fraud on the Internet. Let's just look at these tips.

1. Forget the business that promises benefits that does not make sense quickly with little capital.

The online fraudster realized that one of the most effective way for those who run the SCAM is to sell dreams. One of them by offering investment models, sell ebook with a price several hundred thousand and was promised will produce millions in a certain time. According to my experience of doing business online, using such programs is nearly 90% are fraud. Most of the money game is a chain, a time of such business will fall and ultimately is a fraud. (example: Asiabersama). If you were paid, it was only to attract more victims. Suppose we invest 200 thousand, and then they pay you a few million. So, since most people are happy and confident that they actually pay, then invest mostly larger in the hope of getting great results too, until eventually all of them realized that it was too late.

2. Reference via Google Search on the site
Google will be very helpful when you'll find out if an online business is fraud or not. Suppose you see a site named your stay enter keyword "(the site in question) to deceive" or if a foreign website "(the site in question) a scam" then you will see the various posts/articles/blogs that discuss fraud committed (if any) this will be very helpful before you decide to join and run a particular online business.

3. Be careful with fake testimonials
you may have seen an online business site with dozens or even hundreds of testimonials stating that the site is really good and produce. Advice from me is a testimonial written notice, if most of the same style of language, then it is likely these sites are scam. Another thing to consider is, whether there are sources of testimonial (eg/website/e-mail), if not present or could be covered by the webmaster is making his own testimonial. Many fake testimonials are made on blogs like characteristics is posting on his blog that there is only one, namely specific sites praised excessively. Logically, how could anyone create a blog just to make a testimonial, let alone one post. If you find anything like this, then I suggest you do not need to join the site "to deceive the square" is (to deceive by making false testimonials to the programs they offer).

4. best to use the cash payment when shopping online.
If an when you want to buy an item online, get you to do is cash or COD (Cash On Delivery). We will never know the seller is honest or not. Bias was honest but just because it suddenly needs to be a fraud, other than that, if the cash option is not possible you can use the facility as a joint account in the forum trading DJ, this will minimize the risk of SCAM.

5. Diversify
nothing is certain in this world, including the virtual world. I suggest you create a diversified business online, do not just rely on one source of income, because the site was honest, can also be run tomorrow all your money. The point is not to be greedy and do research on your new business opportunities. By diversifying then you get duped. Other businesses cover any losses that you received.

What is certain is it is your responsibility to your activities virtual world. Hasty in running a business that its validity is not clear bias makes you regret later on. Do research bleak that I mentioned, because it is very useful for you to save your money.

Thank you and happy blogging.

Types of Business on Internet

Business and the Internet, the two words that can not be separated again, the businessmen had long been in the internet world. although the Internet was more dedicated to world science, education, military, and government, but in the end the businessman who became the ruler in the world of the Internet.

apparently the world did not escape the influence of business. True proverb says, where there is world, there must be no business. whether it's the real world, virtual, humans, animals, plants, even though the unseen world, can not run away and avoid the influence and power of the businessman.

The world is the world, business is business and the internet is the internet. if we join the three, it will be an Internet business world. the question is, what business is the Internet world? want to know the answer? The following are some existing businesses on the internet.

1. At Network. At the network is the method of the top advertising on the internet, this business is run in a way to collect, manage and sell advertising. company engaged in this field benefit from the clients who want to advertise products and services via the internet. businesspeople working in this field, and share the profits with the owners of the website.

2. Apartment locator. This type of internet business work by providing services to search for and find an apartment for rent. or sell the service to find prospective tenants for apartment owners. number of fees provided by the owner of the apartment, as well as from prospective tenants, is the main source of income from this internet business.

3. Simply Art Store. the performers and artists, is the main client of this type of business. This business benefited from selling the art equipment. needed by the artist and the artist. they may sell art objects. but make no mistake, the business holds urine (public toilets) are not included in this category, hehe:)

How to Make Highlight Author Comment

Highlight Author Comment function is to comment author (blog owner) is different from other people comment. Examples can be seen on this blog. To comment the blog owner will have no effect it border and others. Here I will lay out ways to make this Highlight Comment Author. now we see how to make Highlight Author Comment lets gooooooooooooo:)

1. Log in to blogger then open "Layout --> Edit HTML"
2. Check sign at "Expand Widget Templates"
3. Copy this script code before code ]]> or copy to css.

.comment-body-author {
background: #E6E6E6; /* Warna Background */
border-top: 1px dotted #223344;border-bottom: 1px dotted #223344;border-left: 1px dotted #223344;border-right: 1px dotted #223344;
padding:0 0 0 20px;

4. Then search the codes as follows. Perhaps the code in your HTML will be different, although different tp try as closely as possible with the following code:

<dl id='comments-block'>
<b:loop values='data:post.comments' var='comment'>
<dt class='comment-author' expr:id='"comment-" +'>
<a expr:name='"comment-" +'/>
<b:if cond='data:comment.authorUrl'>
<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a>

<b:if cond=' =='>
<dd class='comment-body-author'>

<dd class='comment-body'>
<b:if cond='data:comment.isDeleted'>
<span class='deleted-comment'><data:comment.body/></span>


<dd class='comment-footer'>
<span class='comment-timestamp'>
<a expr:href='"#comment-" +' title='comment permalink'>
<b:include data='comment' name='commentDeleteIcon'/>

5. Red code is the code that you have to add in your HTML. Position must be true, remember that.
6. If so, keep on the save your template.

These authors comment on the profile of the blog owner. Thus, so the effect appears before you have to comment on the blogger log in OK.
This only reply to the comments box of pure bloggers. Happy blogging :)

BMW 7 Series will be assembled in China

One car manufacturer in China, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) Motor Corp. ambitions to assemble BMW. Now, they are discussing with principals Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) AG for escaping the plan of assemble the highest variance 7 series in china. And the meeting is held the third time, as in the Dongfang Daily quoted in Shanghai.

In addition to the series 7, SAIC also like to get permission to assemble the other BMW products. With hope, BMW is playing in the premium segment can boost SAIC brand to a higher level.

When confirmed, both the BMW spokesman Ma Qingsheng China and SAIC Motor Zhu Xiangjun not want to comment on this plan.

Just additional information, in Indonesia itself assembles BMW's luxury sedans several types of seri3 and seri5 in PT Gaya Motor, located in Sunter, North Jakarta. But, for the BMW 7 series was imported intact (completely built-up/CBU) from Germany.

from: (translated)

Tips, How to Remove the ADS at Facebook

For those of you who play a lot of Facebook, of course familiar, when you look at his own profile and profile of others, you'll be presented an appropriate range of ads on the right side. Even more annoying on Facebook there is no setting to disable these ads, so you're forced to constantly look at these ads over and over again. Even worse, if your internet connection slow the presence of these ads increase the slow process of loading your Facebook.

The ads on Facebook is the main source of income for Facebook itself, and of course Facebook would not like it when you then remove the ads. But, if you feel that the presence and the presence of these ads are very disturbing your comfort in facebook to ria, there is no way other than meremove or remove these ads even though it only from your computer only.

The ads on Facebook is the main source of income for Facebook itself, and of course Facebook would not like it when you then remove the ads. But, if you feel that the presence and the presence of these ads are very disturbing your comfort in facebook to ria, there is no way other than meremove or remove these ads even though it only from your computer only.

There are many Facebook Code which you can use to remove the ads for Facebook, one of the best is the Facebook Code "Remove All Facebook Ads" created by Tidalwav. Enough to install Remove All Facebook Ads, your computer will then Andapun free of ads in Facebook, and now you can more quickly access Facebook's absence these ads.

To start the install code Remove All Facebook Ads, please point your browser to Instal Remove All Facebook Ads, after that you click the Install button as shown in the picture below.

Once you click on the Install button will be no pop-up Windows GreaseMonkey confirming Installation of script installation process, you live your pick Install.

Install Add-On GreaseMonkey first. Good Luck, for see the previous facebook tips trick-play-facebook-prevents-photo-come

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Trick play facebook, Prevents photo come into our facebook

One moment you may have annoyed or bored with the shipment or the flood of photos are less important into your Facebook profile. 'm tired of deleting one by one, the photographs, and the next day there's more photos of other unimportant from our friends. There was certainly never seen a photo like this right in your Facebook profile.

You want to throw it away, do not know how!!. Here we will try to overcome this problem with regard to your facebook.

The following trick, so no more pictures come or into to your profile.

* First of course you just LOGIN to your Facebook, after it in the top right corner you click the Settings button
* In the Privacy section click Manage
* After that, click Applications
* On the Application Privacy page click the Settings so that looks like below:

Eliminate check-point at the point where you do not want an application to access personal data, there are many options and you should be careful which one by one according to your needs. So that others can not access our photos via an application, be sure to remove the sign on the checklist: Profile Picture, Basic Info, Personal Info, until the image associated with was not so We also will continue to be overwhelmed by the pictures that are not important! You can also remove all of the checklist, so that your facebook is not disturbed by the applications that are sometimes less important.

Thank, Go0d Luck, wanna to see the other tips facebook-add-new-interesting-features


5 Deepest lake in the world

The lake is a body of water in the middle of the mainland.

Many functions of the lake that can be utilized by humans, such as used as tourist attractions, made reservoirs for power generation and many more. However, readers know the deepest lake in the world? as shown below:

1. Lake Baikal

With depth of 1742 m, located in Siberia.

2. Lake Tanganyika

with depth of 1435 m, East Africa

3. lAKE OF Caspian Sea

with depth of 995 m, Asia / Europe

4. Lake Malawi

With depth of 706 m, East Africa

5. Lake Issyk Kul

with depth of 702 m, Central Asia


Facebook Add New Interesting Features, Facebook Connect

Facebook has released some of the features of Facebook Connect. Social networking sites are introduced Translations, a tool that will help users translate the content on their sites in 65 languages are supported by Facebook Connect. The site was developed with Facebook Connect and Playgorund Wizard, designed to help developers and non developers to connect their Facebook sites.

Facebook Connect was first released in December 2008 and which allow a user to store information on various websites on the Internet. With Translations, users can translate the entire site or some sites such as applications or widgets.

"After the user choose what language to use for the site or application, the user can ask for help from the community of Facebook users to translate the site, or the user can translate itself into." Cat said Lee, a spokesman for Facebook.

"In addition, Facebook has a Wizard services and Playground. Facebook Connect Wizard can help users sign up easily Translations services. Playground to provide sample code to add a picture porfil, user name, and friends at the user site. We also will add more sample code for Facebook. "Added Alex Himel, engineers Facebook.

Photo Gerhana Matahari dari Berbagai Negara, semoga meningkatkan kesadaran kita tentang kemahakuasaan Tuhan

Following we will display photos eclipse of the sun some time ago, which might remind us to better remember the power of God. I hope we can always be aware of the world this minute.

The atmosphere was dark in Bangladesh during a total solar eclipse. Photo: AP Photo / Milon Rahman.

Total solar eclipse in Varanasi, India. Photo: AP Photo / Saurabh Das.

Eclipse time is still partly in Multan, Pakistan. Steady picture. Photo: AP Photo / Khalid Tanveer.

Eclipse in Pekanbaru, Riau. Pekanbaru sky conditions are cloudy and foggy so disturbing observations of this solar eclipse. Photo: Compass Image - Tribun Pekanbaru / Melvinas Priananda.

Viewed from the plane on the Patna, India. Photo: AP Photo / Shreya Sahai.

From Hyderabad, Pakistan Foto: AP Photo/Shakil Adil.

Viewed from the Huang He Lou Tower in Wuhan, China. Photo: AP Photo.

Masjid Nabawi Sempat Digenangi Air Hujan

BANDA ACEH - Angin kencang disertai hujan lebat mengguyur Madinah, Jumat (30/10). Meski peristiwa sekira pukul 15.45 waktu Arab Saudi itu hanya berlangsung satu jam, tapi lantai Masjid Nabawi yang terbuat dari marmer sempat tergenang sebatas betis orang dewasa. Tgk Ameer Hamzah, jemaah calon haji (JCH) Kloter III Banda Aceh melaporkan peristiwa itu menjelang shalat asar kemarin. Peristiwa itu pertama kali terjadi selama JCH dari berbagai negara berkumpul di Madinah. Tapi tidak sampai terjadi gangguan yang berarti bagi jemaah akibat peristiwa langka itu.

“Begitu hujan reda, ratusan petugas turun sambil membawa motor mesin-mesin penyapu dan pengering lantai. Sehingga halaman Masjid Nabawi yang luas dan indah itu kembali nyaman dilalui. Jika jemaah di Masjid Nabawi padat, halaman masjid itu sering digunakan untuk shalat berjemaah,” lapor Tgk Ameer kepada Serambi tadi malam. Tgk Ameer juga menginformasikan, kemarin siang JCH Aceh dan jemaah dari berbagai pelosok dunia melaksanakan shalat Jumat pertama di Madinah di Masjid Nabawi. Abdullah Al-Madani, Rektor Universitas Ummul Quran Madinah bertindak sebagai khatib.

“Karena jemaah shalat Jumat dari berbagai penjuru dunia, khatib menyerukan umat muslim untuk bersatu. Harus pula menguasai teknologi informasi agar tidak dibodohi, apalagi diperangi kaum kafir. Khatib juga mengutuk aksi kaum kafir Israel di Palestina dan Afghanistan,” kata Tgk Ameer, mengutip isi khotbah. Sementara itu, dari Banda Aceh dilaporkan 325 JCH Kloter VI asal Aceh Besar berangkat melalui Bandara Internasional Sultan Iskandar Muda (SIM) Blangbintang, Aceh Besar sekira pukul 12.37 WIB.

Menurut Kabag Humas Panitia Pembantu Penyelenggara Ibadah Haji (P3IH) Banda Aceh, Juniazi SAg, pemberangkatan itu lebih cepat dari yang telah ditetapkan pukul 13.00 WIB. Sementara itu, JCH asal Aceh yang sudah tiba di Madinah sampai kloter V, mencapai 1.616 orang. Jumat kemarin, JCH Kloter VII yang masuk Asrama Haji Banda Aceh berjumlah 325 orang. Mereka berasal dari Aceh Tengah, Gayo Lues, Aceh Besar, dan Banda Aceh. JCH Kloter VII dijadwalkan bertolak ke Arab Saudi sore ini. Sedangkan JCH Kloter VIII yang masuk hari ini ke Asrama Haji Banda Aceh berasal dari Lhokseumawe, Banda Aceh, dan Aceh Besar. (sjk/sal)



Twin of the sun have been found

Peruvian astronomers Jorge Melendez of the Australian National University, and Ivan Ramirez of the University of Texas at Austin, USA, has found a "solar twin" the best at this time. The discovery was achieved using a 2.7-meter telescope, Harlan J. Smith at McDonald Observatory. Their findings showed that the chemical composition of the Sun was not unique as previously thought.

The star, HIP 56948, is more similar to the sun than any has ever known. Located 200 light-years so far in the constellation Draco, the star of about a billion years younger than the Sun.

Previously, only three twin sun is known, each is 18 Scorpii, HD 98618, and HIP 100963. However, although in some ways similar to the sun, the three stars has fundamental differences in content far exceeds it lithium lithium content in the sun. Lithium content of the very few in the Sun could make the astronomers assumed that the Sun is a very unique star among other stars.

The discovery of new solar twin assumptions that break. HIP 56948 lithium known to have the same content with the sun low. This study also reveals the other twin of the Sun, HIP 73815, which also has the same lithium content is low.

Questions about the uniqueness of the sun associated with what is known as the "principle antropik" (anthropic principle), the question of whether there is something special to the Sun that enables living organisms evolved in our solar system. This finding does not fully answer that question, but it only shows that the uniqueness is clearly not on their chemical composition.

Melendez and Ramirez findings support the opposite of antropik principle, called the outlook "Copernician", that is the possible existence of living organisms can be found anywhere in the universe. Both suggest that stars like HIP 56948 could be a good target for the researchers at the SETI program (Search for Extra-Terresterial Intelligence).

The star has been studied by Planet Search Program at the McDonald Observatory, led by astronomer Bill Cochran of the University of Texas. Cochran and his team found that, like our sun, HIP 56948 has no planetary class "hot Jupiter" - a large mass planets, has a short orbital period, and the circle around its parent star in a very close range. This type of known planets is very common. Up to now been found more than 200 stars that have one or more hot Jupiter-class planet orbiting.

Search "solar twin" was considered important because astronomers use the Sun as a benchmark in many studies. However, they can not learn the Sun in the same way as they study the distant stars, because the distance is too close, and the appearance of too light.


Die Worlds Greatest Treehouse

Wel, as jy nie vind jouself jou kinderdae boom huisje as die wêreld se grootste is, kan jy jouself hoef te dink weer nadat kry om te sien die boom huisje Horrace Burgess het rondom Cross gebou in die Verenigde State van Amerika staat van Tennessee fancying.

Jy begin om te waardeer die grootheid van die boom huisje Horrace Burgess het 'n ingeboude wanneer die syfers in Staande op 97 meter in hoogte gebring word, die een is dit eens dat die struktuur Horrace Burgess gebou het, is die struktuur te klop, as jy wil vas te stel met' n eis om besit (of selfs gesien het) die grootste boom huisje in die wêreld.

Die grootheid van Horrace Burgess boom huisje is nie onderworpe aan die boom waarop dit alleen gebaseer is al. As dit blyk, terwyl die boom in die vraag dra nie by iets aan die hoogte van die boom huisje, die eienaar se pogings gaan ook 'n lang pad na hierdie grootheid moontlik te maak. Die boom se bydrae tot die 97 voet gebou is slegs 80 voete, sodat die ander 17 voete op die top van die basiese 80 voet is uit Horrace se pure inspanning. Om seker te wees, dan kan ons gun die basis boom van 'n eis togreatness nie ook:' n boom toring hoog op 80 meter hoog en met 'n deursnee van meer as 12 voet is' n ware kampioen. Maar dit is die struktuur geplaas vandie boom wat in die groter aantrekkingskrag.

Die boom huisje in die vraag, is 11 verdieping hoog, 'n hemel Crapper selfs deur sommige stede "standaarde nie - slegs dat hierdie tyd, is dit gebou is op die top van' n boom. Daar is selfs 'n aantal ander bome gegroei oor die verdieping van die gebou, natuurlik bykomend tot die primêre boom waarop dit gebaseer is. Die 11 verdieping gemaak van HorraceBurgess boom huis skep van 'n opwaarts van 8.000 vierkante meter. Saam te stel hierdie gebou, die man agter dit sê dat 'n opwaarts van' n kwart miljoen (250.000 + spykers, dat) word gebruik gewees het.


Pesawat Pertama di Dunia Terbang 12 Detik

the Making of first airplane in the world make by Wright brothers in a small town in the state of Dayton, Ohio, United States. Original idea stems from a bicycle factory. The ability of two brothers in a bicycle delivery inspired to create plane.

They make aircraft experiments that made by the creator of the first aircraft in the world of Wilbur and Orville Wright in 1892. From the expertise to make these bikes, they can realize the human dream of flying to fly into the air.

In 1903, the Wright-Brothers had made history of the world's first flight with the aircraft-engine time that they named the first Flyer for 12 seconds with a height of 37 meters in the state of North Carolina. Wright Brothers has changed the face of the world. Now people can easily and quickly travel using aircraft.


Nenek dan Kakek Tertua Di Dunia

One of the world's oldest man celebrates birthday-113. Grandfather from Japan was named Tomoji Tanabe. Tanabe was born exactly on September 18, 1895. On his birthday, his health condition is on the good condition.

What's this old habit? He used to wake up early morning, drinking a glass of milk and eating foods with lower portions during the day. Avoiding alcohol and cigarettes away.

Japan is known as a country with a higher life expectancy (longevity) compared to other countries. A grandparent of the oldest in the world also comes from this country. Yone Minagawa, 115 years old, born on January 4, 1893.

Sakura state estimates there he can live to 79 years and women reach 89 years. According to the survey, is closely related to their dieting habits and eating fish. Which of course is a family practice and began an early age.


Komputer Made In Aceh siap Memasuki Pasar

BANDA ACEH | ACEHKITA.COM — Untuk pertama kalinya, Aceh berhasil memproduksi komputer dengan harga terjangkau. Hadir perdana dalam tiga tipe dengan prosesor Intel, PC Get siap bersaing.

Sebagai produk lokal, target pertama adalah menguasai pasar komputer di Aceh. Selain akan berkerjasama dengan Pemerintah Daerah, mereka juga bermitra dengan Intel Indonesia Corp, Linux, Blackberry, dan komunitas layanan IT (Information Technology) lainnya, untuk menjadi leader market.

Komisaris PC Get, Amir Faisal, dalam jumpa pers peluncuran resmi PC Get di Hotel Hermes Palace, Banda Aceh, Senin (26/10), mengatakan, untuk menggaet pasar mereka akan melakukan promo market show ke daerah-daerah.

PC Get hadir dalam tiga tipe, yakni, PC Get Keluarga (prosesor Intel Atom), PC Get Keluarga super (prosesor Intel Core Duo), PC Get Keluarga Smart (prosesor Intel Pentium).

Meski baru di-launching, PC Get hingga kini sudah laku 120 unit.

PC Get hadir berkat kerjasama apik PT. Global Interpreneur Technology dan Intel Indonesia Corp. Dirakit di Aceh dengan bantuan teknisi luar.

Country Meneger Intel Indnesia Corp mengatakan, ide pertama memproduksi PC Get adalah untuk menghadirkan komputer buatan dalam negeri dengan harga murah dan berkualitas.

Ini juga segaris dengan visi Pemerintah Aceh yang menggagas ‘satu keluarga satu komputer’ tahun lalu.

Namun, kurangnya pasokan listrik akhir-akhir ini di Aceh diakui pihak PC Get akan mempengaruhi promo mereka. Amir meminta Pemerintah Aceh memperhatikan hal ini


How to Make Your Posting Published Automatically at Blogger (blogspot)

Hi, all blogger friends!, on the posting this time I will try to make a blog posting about posting automatically. This automatically posting is very important I think, because this is will help the blogger on making the blog post on the Scala.

the important is posting blog will published routinely as we want, we can arrange posting date, time.

Features a blog posting in automatic is very important for you that can not be online 24 hours. so, you can create multiple job postings at once, then set your date and time you want to published it or out posting in your blog.

interest!!. lets follow the following step for making the automatically posting at blogger (blogspot).

1. LOg in to your blogger account, and the write your posting, as the picture above

2. If you have finish your posting, then arrange the open at "post option", it get at the left corner.

3. Then, you look at the right corner, "post date and time", you can arrange it, arrange the date posting and the time for displaying the posting.


How to Overcome Computer Virus

Steps of Virus Prevention, Prevent Better Than Treat. This practice should be a priority computer users. Between the initial steps are;

1. Do not use a floppy disk or any storan not in the know came from
. Unknown disks may have been contaminated with the virus. deeds write-protect disks should always be done to ensure that the virus can not write himself into the floppy disk.

2. Do not open emails that have attachments
. Internet technology has been fully utilized by the virus writer. The virus is now able to spread via email readings that have been contaminated. Most of these emails will contain an attachment files. At times he still contain the virus, although send by people you recognize.

Make sure you call your friends, to make sure there really he has led the email contains an attachment to your files. between viruses that use this technology is;

Anna Kournikova, Sircam, Code Red, Nimda and ILoveYou.

3. Use anti-virus software.
anti-virus software is a utility to detect and destroy viruses. There is software available for free on the Internet including;

a. AVG Anti-Virus
b. Free Anti-Virus
c. Innoculate IT (OS is available for Windows95 and above and also Palm OS)

While anti-virus software that is sold in market;
a. Smadav -- indonesia anti virus
b. Ansav anti virus
c. Norton Anti-Virus
d. PC-Cillin
e. Armor Anti Virus
f. VBuster
g. Virus Rx (for Apple computers)
h. Mc Afee Anti-Virus

Most anti-virus software can be upgraded to ensure it is in the database contains the latest anti-virus software. It is also sometimes offer immediate assistance to registered users.

VBuster eg anti-virus software is very popular but it is used by NASA. It was created by Dr.. Looi Hong Thong from Penang, Malaysia.


Computer Viruses Types

A computer virus is a computer program that can duplicate or copy itself and spread by inserting copies of itself into other programs or documents. Computer viruses can be analogous to biological viruses that spread by inserting itself into living cells. Computer viruses can be destructive (for example by destroying the data on the document), making computer users feel annoyed, or no effect at all.

To further refine our knowledge about the virus, I will try to give an explanation of the types of viruses that often roam in cyberspace.

1. Virus Macro

This type of virus must have been very often we hear. The virus is written in a programming language of an application rather than the programming language of an Operating System. This virus can walk if its constituent applications can run well, that is if the computer can run applications mac word then this virus works on Mac OS bersistem computer.

virus samples:

* W97M variant, for example W97M.Panther

Size: 1234 bytes,

work: It infects the and infected when the document is opened.

* WM.Twno.A; TW

Size: 41,984 bytes,

work: infect documents of Ms. Word's that using macro language, usually DOT and *. DOC *. extension.

2. Virus Boot Sector

Boot sector viruses are spread is very common. The virus is in the doubles he would move or replace the original boot sector virus boot program. So when there is booting the virus will be loaded into memory and then the virus will have the ability to control the standard hardware (ex:: monitor, printer, etc.) and from this memory is also the virus will spread into other existing drives and connected to computer (ex: floppy, drive other than drive c).

virus samples:

*-Variant virus wyx

ex: wyx.C (B) to infect the boot record and floppy;

length: 520 bytes;

characteristics: memory resident and encrypted)

* Variant V-sign:

infect: Master boot record;

520 bytes long;

characteristics: living in the memory (memory resident), encrypted, and polymorphic)

* Stoned.june 4th / bloody!:

infect: Master boot record and floppy;

520 bytes long;

characteristics: living in the memory (memory resident), encrypted and display

message "Bloody! june 4th 1989" after booting the computer as much as 128 times.

3. Stealth Virus

This virus will dominate the table with DOS interrupt table that often we know the "Interrupt interceptor". This virus capable to control the DOS level instruction instructions and they are usually well hidden as a full name or size.

virus samples:


infect files *. COM and *. EXE;

4298 bytes long;

characteristics: living in memory, the size of the hidden, has a trigger

*-WXYC (which includes any category because the boot record into stealth category also included here)

infect the floppy mother boot record;

520 bytes long;

settled in memory; size and hidden viruses.

*-Vmem (s):

infects files *. EXE, *. SYS and *. COM;

fie 3275 bytes long;

characteristics: living in memory, the size of the hidden, in the encryption.

4.Polymorphic Virus

The virus is designed for misleading anti virus program, meaning the virus is always trying to avoid being recognized by the anti virus with the way the fox is always changing its structure after each infects files / other programs.

virus samples:

* Necropolis A / B,

infect files *. EXE and *. COM;

file 1963 bytes long;

characteristics: settled in memory, the size and viruses hidden, encrypted, and can be changed to change the structure

* Nightfall,

infect files *. EXE;

file 4554 bytes long;

characteristics: settled in memory, the size and hidden viruses, has a trigger, encrypted, and can change the structure.

5. Virus File / Program

This virus infects files that can be executed directly from the operating system, whether application files (*. EXE), as well as *. com are also the result of infection from this virus can be determined by changing the file size is attacked.

6. Multi Partition Virus

This virus is a combination of boot sector viruses and file viruses: it means the work performed resulted in two, that he can infect files *. EXE and also infect the Boot Sector.

Known computer viruses | Mengenal Virus Komputer

The first time the term "virus" is used by Fred Cohen in 1984 in the United States. A computer virus called "virus" because it has some fundamental similarities with the virus at a medical term (biological viruses). Computer viruses can be interpreted as an ordinary computer program. But it has fundamental differences with other programs, which created the virus to infect other programs, change, manipulate and even to damage it. There is to be noted here, the virus will infect only if the trigger program or programs that have been infected earlier executed, this is where the difference with the "worm".

Origin computer virus appears
1949, John von Neumann, expressed "self altering automata theory" which is the result of research mathematicians.

1960, Bell Labs (AT & T), the experts in the lab BELL (AT & T) to experiment the theory expressed by John von Neumann, by making a type of game / game. They create a program that can reproduce itself and can destroy your opponent artificial programs. The program is able to survive and destroy all other programs, would be considered the winner.


A program can be called as a virus if it meets the following minimum of 5 criteria:

1. The ability to get information.
2. The ability to check a file.
3. The ability to multiply and infect themselves.
4. The ability of manipulation.
5. The ability to hide themselves.

Now will try to explain briefly what is meant by each of the skills and why this is necessary. Now will try to explain briefly what is meant by each of the skills and why this is necessary:

The ability to obtain information on a virus generally requires a list of file names that exist in a directory. For what? So that he can get a list of files that can he damage. For example, the macro virus will infect all the data files MS Word, will find a list on extension *. doc files.

The ability to check a program, a virus must also be able to check a file to be infected, for example, the program served to infect the extension *. doc, then he should check whether the document files have been infected or not, because if it is, it will infect another useless .

The ability to reproduce themselves from the virus core is the ability to reproduce itself by infecting other files. A virus has been discovered when the victim so she would recognize him with a look. If not infected then the virus will begin transmission action by writing bytes to the file identifier, and copied / write the object code file viruses on the target.

Some common ways by the virus to infect / reproduce itself is: who will be infected files deleted or renamed. Then created a file containing the virus program itself using file names that origin. Program viruses have been executed / loaded into memory will be directly infect other files by entering all the existing files.

A manipulation capabilities, Routine (routine) owned by a virus will be executed after the virus infects a file. The contents of this routine can range from the harmless to the conduct impairment. This routine is generally used to manipulate files or even popularizing the manufacturer. These routines use the ability of an operating system (Operating System), which has the same ability to those of the operating system. For example:

* Create a picture or message on the monitor.
* Replacing / changing the label of each file, directory, or the label of the drive on your PC.
* Manipulate the infected files.
* Damaging files.
* Disrupting the work printer, etc..

Hiding self-ability, ability to hide it should be owned by a virus that all the good work from the beginning to the success of transmission can be done. The usual steps taken is:

* A virus program code stored in the form of machinery and combined with other programs that are considered useful by the user.

* A virus program is placed on Boot Record or the tracks on the disc are rarely noticed by the computer itself.

* The program is made as short as possible viruses, and the infected file is not too much change in size.

The virus does not change the description/information when a file, and others.


viral life cycle in general, through 4 stages:

1. Dormant phase (Phase Rest / Sleep), In this phase the virus is not active. The virus will be activated by a particular condition, such as: the date set, the presence of other programs / execution of other programs, etc.. Not all virus through this phase.

2. Propagation phase (phase distribution), In this phase the virus will copied itself to a program or to a place of storage media (both hard drives, RAM, etc.). Each program will be infected with the "cloning" the virus (depending on how the virus infect it).

3. Trigerring phase (Phase Active), In this phase the virus will be active and this is also the trigger by some conditions such as the dormant phase.

4. Execution phase (execution phase), in this phase of active virus has been to perform its functions. Such as deleting files, display messages, etc..


How to turn off your computer as soon as possible or Quickly

You may be a lot of business? but your computer is running. or in other circumstances, you should immediately turn off computer without first want to wait, because you do not want to be late to the office. or because there are other things that make you have to turn off the computer as soon as possible.

The following is a quick tips on how to turn off the computer quickly, if normal shutdown takes a long time, even could spend 5-10 minutes. depending on the quality of our computer use.

so, the following tips can speed up shut down our computers. way is to press CTR + ALT + DEL, or activate the task manager, then click the shutdown, and select "turn off", while click turn off press the CTRL key, try to compare it with normal shutdown. I wish you luck


The first group of pilgrims depart tomorrow

JAKARTA, (PRLM) .- The departure of Hajj pilgrims flew the group in 1430 Hijri (Group) first embarkation Jakarta will begin tomorrow Friday (23 / 9) at 6:00 pm. Departure, the congregation planned to be released by the new Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali.

In 12 other embarkation throughout Indonesia, the first departure group will begin tomorrow. In each region, the release will be the governor of each.

It was mentioned by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Bahrul Hayat in a press conference at the Ministry of Religious Affairs Jakarta, Thursday (22/10). "Standing at Arafat as Ummul al-Qura calendar is estimated to Makkah took place on 26 November," he said.

As many as 207,000 pilgrims will be divided into 487 of group. PT Garuda Indonesia Airlines will carry 302 group (114,094 people) and Saudi Arabian Airlines carrying 176 Group (78,741 people).

In organizing this year's hajj, the pilgrimage Ministry promised to get service lodging, transportation, and consumption is good. All the preparations are finished declared.


16 Ways to boost traffic to your blog that you need to know

There are many ways that we can do to boost traffic to the blog. and iu depends on the results of each observation, but if we search the internet there was a way to boost traffic to the blog.

certainly we have to keep doing my best to blog that we are not cultivated in vain. The following are some ways, at least 16 ways to boost traffic to your blog based on the observed practice of the webmaster, and most who use this method has been able to boost blog traffic.

You've got your blog set up and you've started posting pithy, useful information that your niche market would benefit from and enjoy. Days go by, you keep publishing, but no one comments and your traffic stats are barely registering. What do you do?

Like any website you own, you must do some blog promotion to start driving traffic to your site. Here are 16 steps, in no particular order of importance, that you can start doing now to get traffic moving to your blog.

1. Set up a Bloglet subscription form on your blog and invite everyone in your network to subscribe: family, friends, colleagues, clients, associates.


2. Set up a feed on so your site gets regularly spidered by the Yahoo search engine (see tutorial on

3. Read and comment on other blogs that are in your target niche. Don't write things like "nice blog" or "great post." Write intelligent, useful comments with a link to your blog.

4. Use Ping-o-matic to ping blog directories. Do this every time you publish.

5. Submit your blog to traditional search engines:

6. Submit your blog to blog directories. The most comprehensive list of directories is on this site:

Tip: Create a form to track your submissions; this can take several hours when you first start so schedule an hour a day for submitting or hire a VA to do it for you.

7. Add a link to your blog in your email signature file.

8. Put a link to your blog on every page of your website.

9. If you publish a newsletter, make sure you have a link to your blog in every issue.

10. Include a link to your blog as a standard part of all outgoing correspondence such as autoresponder sequences, sales letters, reports, white papers, etc.

11. Print your blog URL on your business cards, brochures and flyers.

12. Make sure you have an RSS feed URL that people can subscribe to.
The acronym RSS means Rich Site Summary, or some may consider its meaning as Really Simple Syndication. It is a document type that lists updates of websites or blogs available for syndication. These RSS documents (also known as 'feeds') may be read using aggregators (news readers). RSS feeds may show headlines only or both headlines and summaries.

To learn how news aggregators/RSS readers work, see this site:

13. Post often to keep attracting your subscribers to come back and refer you to others in their networks; include links to other blogs, articles and websites in your posts

14. Use Trackback links when you quote or refer to other blog posts. What is TrackBack? Essentially what this does is send a message from one server to another server letting it know you have posted a reference to their post. The beauty is that a link to your blog is now included on their site.

15. Write articles to post around the web in article directories. Include a link to your blog in the author info box (See example in our signature below).

16. Make a commitment to blog everyday. 10 minutes a day can help increase your traffic as new content attracts search engine spiders. Put it on your calendar as a task every day at the same time.


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