Facebook Add New Interesting Features, Facebook Connect


Facebook has released some of the features of Facebook Connect. Social networking sites are introduced Translations, a tool that will help users translate the content on their sites in 65 languages are supported by Facebook Connect. The site was developed with Facebook Connect and Playgorund Wizard, designed to help developers and non developers to connect their Facebook sites.

Facebook Connect was first released in December 2008 and which allow a user to store information on various websites on the Internet. With Translations, users can translate the entire site or some sites such as applications or widgets.

"After the user choose what language to use for the site or application, the user can ask for help from the community of Facebook users to translate the site, or the user can translate itself into." Cat said Lee, a spokesman for Facebook.

"In addition, Facebook has a Wizard services and Playground. Facebook Connect Wizard can help users sign up easily Translations services. Playground to provide sample code to add a picture porfil, user name, and friends at the user site. We also will add more sample code for Facebook. "Added Alex Himel, engineers Facebook.


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