Nenek dan Kakek Tertua Di Dunia


One of the world's oldest man celebrates birthday-113. Grandfather from Japan was named Tomoji Tanabe. Tanabe was born exactly on September 18, 1895. On his birthday, his health condition is on the good condition.

What's this old habit? He used to wake up early morning, drinking a glass of milk and eating foods with lower portions during the day. Avoiding alcohol and cigarettes away.

Japan is known as a country with a higher life expectancy (longevity) compared to other countries. A grandparent of the oldest in the world also comes from this country. Yone Minagawa, 115 years old, born on January 4, 1893.

Sakura state estimates there he can live to 79 years and women reach 89 years. According to the survey, is closely related to their dieting habits and eating fish. Which of course is a family practice and began an early age.


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