How to Make Your Posting Published Automatically at Blogger (blogspot)


Hi, all blogger friends!, on the posting this time I will try to make a blog posting about posting automatically. This automatically posting is very important I think, because this is will help the blogger on making the blog post on the Scala.

the important is posting blog will published routinely as we want, we can arrange posting date, time.

Features a blog posting in automatic is very important for you that can not be online 24 hours. so, you can create multiple job postings at once, then set your date and time you want to published it or out posting in your blog.

interest!!. lets follow the following step for making the automatically posting at blogger (blogspot).

1. LOg in to your blogger account, and the write your posting, as the picture above

2. If you have finish your posting, then arrange the open at "post option", it get at the left corner.

3. Then, you look at the right corner, "post date and time", you can arrange it, arrange the date posting and the time for displaying the posting.


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