Tips to prevent fraud on the internet


For those of you who are running an online business, maybe a couple of times you've cheated. There are many websites a scam or fraud out there that promise quick money and in larger amounts. Ok, here I try to give some tips for avoiding fraud on the Internet. Let's just look at these tips.

1. Forget the business that promises benefits that does not make sense quickly with little capital.

The online fraudster realized that one of the most effective way for those who run the SCAM is to sell dreams. One of them by offering investment models, sell ebook with a price several hundred thousand and was promised will produce millions in a certain time. According to my experience of doing business online, using such programs is nearly 90% are fraud. Most of the money game is a chain, a time of such business will fall and ultimately is a fraud. (example: Asiabersama). If you were paid, it was only to attract more victims. Suppose we invest 200 thousand, and then they pay you a few million. So, since most people are happy and confident that they actually pay, then invest mostly larger in the hope of getting great results too, until eventually all of them realized that it was too late.

2. Reference via Google Search on the site
Google will be very helpful when you'll find out if an online business is fraud or not. Suppose you see a site named your stay enter keyword "(the site in question) to deceive" or if a foreign website "(the site in question) a scam" then you will see the various posts/articles/blogs that discuss fraud committed (if any) this will be very helpful before you decide to join and run a particular online business.

3. Be careful with fake testimonials
you may have seen an online business site with dozens or even hundreds of testimonials stating that the site is really good and produce. Advice from me is a testimonial written notice, if most of the same style of language, then it is likely these sites are scam. Another thing to consider is, whether there are sources of testimonial (eg/website/e-mail), if not present or could be covered by the webmaster is making his own testimonial. Many fake testimonials are made on blogs like characteristics is posting on his blog that there is only one, namely specific sites praised excessively. Logically, how could anyone create a blog just to make a testimonial, let alone one post. If you find anything like this, then I suggest you do not need to join the site "to deceive the square" is (to deceive by making false testimonials to the programs they offer).

4. best to use the cash payment when shopping online.
If an when you want to buy an item online, get you to do is cash or COD (Cash On Delivery). We will never know the seller is honest or not. Bias was honest but just because it suddenly needs to be a fraud, other than that, if the cash option is not possible you can use the facility as a joint account in the forum trading DJ, this will minimize the risk of SCAM.

5. Diversify
nothing is certain in this world, including the virtual world. I suggest you create a diversified business online, do not just rely on one source of income, because the site was honest, can also be run tomorrow all your money. The point is not to be greedy and do research on your new business opportunities. By diversifying then you get duped. Other businesses cover any losses that you received.

What is certain is it is your responsibility to your activities virtual world. Hasty in running a business that its validity is not clear bias makes you regret later on. Do research bleak that I mentioned, because it is very useful for you to save your money.

Thank you and happy blogging.


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