Reducing the size of an image file with punypng


Often in making the posting is usually included an image or multiple images to attract the visitors. The problem is that the image size is so large that eventually will add to the burden of blogs that aggravate during loading. And also if it was scaled down size will reduce the image quality. There are ways to reduce the file size of images without reducing image quality by using punypng. With this punypng image will be reduced in size up to 41% and also will automatically change the image file of the GIF and JPEG files into PNG files. Thus will not reduce the image quality such as sharpness of the color. For those who want to try, go directly to the punypng site:

How to convert the image:

1. Open punypng site.
2. Click Upload Image.
3. Next locate the file image will be resized and then Open.
4. Punypng will automatically resize and change the image and the PNG file. When finished will appear before the image size and image size and how many percent after the image size is reduced.
5. Then Download images and save to your computer. Congratulations you have resized image. Look at the difference.


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