60 people killed, fats for cosmetics


Sadistic and horrible! November was horrendous. Human beings were killed, the fat is taken and then used as an ingredient in cosmetics. Fat-Man was sold to the cosmetics industry in Europe.

No fewer than 60 people were killed for blubber taken by 11 people murderers. 4 of them have been arrested, while the other 7 are still being hunted by the police of Peru.

"Fat was purchased to be traded in the laboratories of Europe's beauty, and cosmetics, cosmetics marketed throughout the world," said chief prosecutor Sans Jorge Quiroz.

According to the statements of the suspects, taken by the elements they are fat in several organs and fat tissue located in the skin. Fats were then sold at a price of U $ $ 15,000 (Rp.150.000.000, -) per liter to the European countries.

In the prosecutor's indictment was written, the alleged conspiracy targeting farmers and indigenous people on remote roads to be victims. The victims were persuaded jobs before they were killed.

Police make arrests earlier this month when finding a container containing human body fat was shipped to Lima (Peru's capital) from the Andean city of Huanuco, about 400 kilometers northeast of Lima.

The signs of the existence of international trade network of human fat first appeared about two months ago. So according to General Felix Burga, chief of criminal division of the Police of Peru.

The disclosure of this case makes the pros and cons of the use of fats for cosmetics. One medical experts doubt that human fat for cosmetic, despite having medical applications. Human fat is usually to remove wrinkles on the body, but it is always taken from the patient's abdomen or buttocks concerned.

"There will be life-threatening risk if taken from the fat people," says Neil Sadick, professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York.

One of the arrested suspects to the police saying that this action has been carried out killings for more than three decades. This group is called pishtacos, which is a legendary name in Peru killer who attacked people on the streets and kill them to take the fat.

In a press conference in the capital, police showed two bottles of human fat and photographs that allegedly was the victim. One murder occurred in mid-September, in which the victim's body tissue has been lost for sale.

7 people fugitives still sought by the police there, among the seven fugitives there are 2 person Italian citizens who act as receiver of human fat. Meanwhile, the suspect had 4 people go through the claims by the Attorney General of Peru.

Well, horror, too yes, I do hope cosmetics, cosmetics that circulated in Indonesia, particularly the import there is no element of human fat. However, to know it requires the participation of government and police in the Republic.



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