Earthquake Detector Robot: notify the earthquake 3 hours early


Hiren Patel and several students from JT Engineering College in Gujarat, India claims to have created a robot to detect earthquakes (earthquake) is called the Earthquake Detector Robot.

By using 2 transmitters (sensors) are placed in the bowels of the earth (not explain how deep) and a receiver in place on the robot so if there is signs of earthquakes, the robot will issue an alarm sounds.

Both sensors are able to detect differences in temperature and the level of water and with internet connection measurements will be sent to the robot.

They claim that this robot can detect the arrival of the earthquake 3 hours early before the earthquake occurred, thus giving opportunity to the people to evacuate to safer places.

3 hours in our opinion was not long but enough time to evacuate to safer places. Actually, the robot was not doing virtually nothing or it could be replaced by a regular computer.


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