Various Plants Carriers Hockey and Shit


According to the spiritual practitioners, plants have the benefit of occupying a place in. Plants contain energy that can bring good luck or even bad luck. Here's a list of plants and the mystical influence.

I. Plants that carry hockey/fortune

1. Sunflowers: creating peace, happiness and harmony.
2. Lotus Flower: creating wealth, happiness and harmonious atmosphere.
3. Great taro: counteracting thief entered the house.
4. Elephant ears: bring good fortune.
5. Roses: bringing good fortune.
6. Squirrel tail palm: bring blessings and virtues.
7. Red Palm: keep the negative things (teluh, witchcraft, black magic, etc.), bring good fortune.
8. Panchira / tree money: bring good fortune.
9. Pandan: keep pet chickens from fox attack.
10. Dragon Tree: bring pleasure. cheerful mood, and harmony.
11. Delicious Night: creating harmony and peace.

II. Plants that brings bad luck

1. Wine: bringing bankruptcy.
2. Aren: become a gathering place for spirits.
3. Carambola wuluh: so often disturbed spirits.
4. Bougenvil: the father / son was not at home.
5. Chili: bring disputes and mutual suspicion.
6. Corn: so often sickly and often at odds with neighbors.
7. Jackfruit: so often sickly.
8. Papaya: bring bad luck.
9. Areca nut: the children became unruly, damn good and moral education.
10. Ornamental bananas: bring bad luck.
11. Soursop: a place of spirits who like to disturb the peace.

III. Plants that have "Daya Linuwih"

1. Bangle: counteract the bad spirits.
2. HANJUANG: reject danger, smelling a rat, insects and diseases of rice plants.
3. Black taro: counteract such negative hal2 wizards, etc. guna2.
4. Kelor: counteract negative hal2 like witchcraft, etc. guna2.
5. Kenanga: counter black magic.
6. Jasmine: bring greatness, prosperity and harmony.
7. Tree Pole: holy.
8. Chrysophyllum kecik: bring dignity and honor.
9. Sugarcane Black: ward off black magic.


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