8 Advanced Technology in 2010


1. Apple’s Tablet

The voices and speculation is too high to ignore the presence of Apple Tablet. If all the rumors are authentic and, if by any means, Apple launched iSlate on 25th January, then it will be something to talk about in the year 2010.
We must admit that the tablet is a concept that has been around us for a very long time. But consumers still devices that people would die for. But after the increase in sales and demand from the Amazon Kindle and the Nook, the market is convinced that the tablet device to quickly become a. So at this point, if Apple can bring the device with the interface that people look for then that's it - we've got our new iPOD. This is not a biased statement, but a truth in several ways.
The reason I am saying is that the Popular Reading is something that every Internet user and tablet provides the best way to consume internet content. Although we may still be working on a laptop, Tablet would be a way to consume digital content.

2. NetPhone

We've seen the importance of Google's Voice, which many Americans have enjoyed. We already have software like Skype that allows you to communicate data through the Internet.
This shows that people are still comfortable with voice communications and will not die. We would still like to call my friends and our families and communicate. Therefore, we can see more advances in VOIP technology.
Although the cellular network providers have to play hard battle with VOIP services, the conflict between these two models will end up after we have more and more VOIP services running on our mobile devices.

3. Net Neutrality

Smartphone rise suddenly put a lot of pressure on mobile network provider. Online content consumption and stress communication network providers. One prominent example is the failure of At & T to meet the demand for the iPhone. This has forced content providers and distributors into two polar opposites.
Content providers like Google (YouTube for video content) consume much bandwidth. This is not good for network providers because they must face the burden of handling the request. On the other hand, content providers do not have to pay anything to the distributors. As a result, network service providers to increase costs. Now, this brings a big conflict between consumers, providers and distributors.
Net neutrality is about giving full access to the Internet without any restrictions. But we still need to see some agreement between providers and distributors. Therefore, we might see some breakthrough on Net Neutrality in the year 2010 that will solve the current problem.

4. Social Profile Management(Advanced Analytics)

Online Social Networking sites have been criticized on the news at every opportunity in the year 2009 and will continue to do so in the year 2010. More and more real-time content will be distributed online and consumed by people. Network online will see more than just sharing information.
2009 has an excessive reaction to the social media that creates a lot of garbage on the Internet. Currently, information and content in vain and did not make them into a targeted audience.
2010 will see a revolution against the social profile management with advance analysis. This will apply spam control over your network and strengthen the efficiency of your network connection. As sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are used in hiring a professional, the search profile will also be a big problem. Social networking provides the best way to reach potential business. Therefore look for (not for content), but for the people must be great. Social profile management to advance the analysis will be the next big social network.

5. Virtualization

Client desktop computers is clearly a new way to connect people to the office. Virtual desktops or virtual machines will soon be employed in many offices to provide better flexibility for the hardware and software options.
This will reduce hardware costs and maintenance of servers and desktop CPUs in the office. This also will reduce costs because most software will be deployed in a virtual machine. This is the key to reducing costs, reducing complexity, and increase agility as a shift in demand.

6. Online TV

YouTube and online video sharing site almost killed the television. The new generation prefers the Internet through the TV channels. As with the music industry, TV channels to understand that going online is the only road to the future and they should jump into this bandwagon before it's too late.
There have been many commercial channels divert their attention from television to Youtube or sites like Hulu. Further, Google has announced the paid content through Youtube and a new video advertising technology.
Along with TV ads have had to make the road to eco-system and we already know from a lot of rumors in the Apple and Google came up with ways to prevent viewers from skipping ads. This provides great opportunities for the TV to go to the Internet. Then 2010 will surely see his hand and cooperation from Internet service providers and TV Online channels.

7. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will be a new way of doing business via the Internet. It would be more than a virtual resource management, where it can optimize your company/her resources according to the needs and adaptation to dynamic changes. This will enable the company to further improve their products and services. Cloud computing will also utilize the potential of web applications on the Internet and we may see some great online applications for users and solutions company.

8. Augmented Reality

Plus Reality will blow people's minds in 2010. With the help of mobile computers, GPS technology, built-in camera and Google maps, mobile applications will have more power to bring experience to users than in the past.
Furthermore, the core of the technology will be a camera phone and placement of live streaming of information processed for the contents of the camera.
We've seen some with a mobile GPS applications, but 2010 will be clearly placed this application on the top shelf mobile applications. This will allow users to obtain information by integrating physical and virtual reality.

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