Some ways selling ornamental plants


Some ways selling ornamental plants. Want to do business with ornamental plants? Do you have to rent the pieces? Many business models can be chosen. Is it absolutely necessary financial capital? Who says? Apparently so Buser or hunter might be an option. Capital can only MMS mobile phone. Here are some business models you can choose according to the financial condition, health, and personal goal since childhood.

Rent and open outlets ornamental plants

This is the most conventional way. Ornamental plants sold by renting shanties in the open. If you have the guts and want a bit desperate, could use the vacant land owned by developers who are not housed or vacant land owned by anyone. Just a consequence, you have to get ready Trantib officers chased and deal with the thugs. Clearly, this method is not recommended. Best of all, rent it officially shanties in the palm of centers of ornamental plants are also official. In Jabodetabek eg in Ragunan; Flona in Alam Sutera Serpong Tangerang, and Ornamental Plants Center in BSD City Tangerang Tekno Park Complex.

Rent system is usually calculated per month or per year beyond the cost of cleanliness and safety. Count for the year 2007, the average per year 5-10 million rupiah for each plot. If the land is up in the official said, you can 'buy the right of use' in the old tenants are 'the whispers'. With notes, was tired of the old tenants. The purchase price 'use rights' also varied, between Rp20-100 million per plot.

Renting a stall at the center of the official sales of ornamental plants, but not pursued Trantib officer, you also do not bother to campaign. Because the center of the plant itself was able to collect visitors. At the very least, if you do not have customers, if good fortune, there are customers neighbors 'stray' into your booth. All you need to do to stay plants displaying a good, friendly staff hiring, and make your booth fun.

Hire Stan and Open Exhibition

The exhibition of ornamental plants is a promotional event and a good sales arena. Organizers did a lot of promotions for consumer mengudang come. If you rent a booth and open the exhibition there, is not impossible that you visited the booth, and you bought the plants.

For your information, in Greater Jakarta, rental exhibition stands currently ranges Rp750.000 until Rp3.000.000, to counter the size 3 x 5 meters, during the exhibition took place between 7 to 10 days. In Jakarta there are some plants exhibit events nationwide, such as Flora Fauna Exhibition in Lapangan Banteng every month in August, or exhibitions held ornamental plants Poster Magazine. However, many similar exhibitions organized by the government, Supermal, or event organizer in many places.

All you need to do is in addition to preparing the mainstay of ornamental plants also printed business cards to spread. Do not forget to print your phone number clearly so that after the exhibition ended, the plants you still buy one.


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