Mars mystery unfold! Found 9 Pyramids and Impressions High Civilization


Is there life on Mars? Humans began looking for answers to this question in 1976, after the publication of photographs of human-like figure sitting on piles of stones. Many say that human-like figure was a trick of light, but others believe the figure was true man. Until now 'mysterious' is still a mystery. Pro and contradictions of the 'strange figure' were still there.

One scientist said, the possibility of 'person' it is human. His appearance is a sign that there is life there. Now there are more new evidence. Recently telescope cameras captured nine pyramids on Mars. Pyramid was not made by nature.

Pyramid illustrates the human faces and animals, as well as a large picture showing the profile of primates and dogs.

Andrew Basiago, president of Mars Anomaly Research Society, called the discovery 'A New Cydonia. "The scientists believe that there are three civilizations on Mars, one of which was hidden beneath the surface of the planet.

Scientists have previously said that the pictures taken by Spirit Rover contains photographs of the five species of primates, one called 'Sendak'. Basiago convinced that Mars was once the community has developed a high civilization. But then terrible disaster that destroyed almost everything around the Red Planet at 11,500 years ago, and the Atlantis on Earth.

Some observers believe Mars, after the incident, the remaining Martians moved to the earth.!-ditemukan-9-piramida-dan-jejak-peradaban-tinggi


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