Tips For Comfortable, Effective and Efficient When Using Facebook


For you social networking site users creations of Mark Zuckerberg. After all this time building their own friendships and communities struggling with what you feel? Did anyone feel too much information coming at your Facebook, and you struggle to sort out which information is important and what is not, because too many and frequent updates that information in?

As we get friends in the list of accounts and activities you do there, like the above problem is very possible. If not addressed it can reduce your enjoyment in to Facebook. And for some it can also interfere with daily activities/take a lot of time and attention.

To prevent this happening let's look at some tips to restore the main function of Facebook as before when you first use it, namely as a means of establishing friendships effective and efficient.

1. Stopping Unwanted Applications For The Sending Message to You
Notification that you receive can achieve a number of very many, if not removed within a few days. If you add a lot of applications, there will be tens of incoming notification each day. The solution to this problem is simple, blockade applications you do not want so no notification is entered. To do this open the notification box in the bottom right corner, after appear a pop-up window, click See All.

After changing the page notification, the right was a small box containing a notification settings appears. Uncheck to remove the update status / notification of the application you do not want. Now feels more relaxed and does not make you dizzy right?

2. Provide Update Information On Certain Friends Only
Do not add random friend if you do not want flooded many updates. The reason is because the more friends the amount of update information from them that you will receive will be more and more, and you should be more careful or selective to share information or pictures through Facebook if you do not want to see privacy issues. While your friends a lot, but not necessarily your trust or feel comfortable to share stories / events of your life with them.

Alternatively if you still want to have a list of as many friends on Facebook but still under control, how to classify friends into a specific list. The goal that you can easily manage and determine the information you want to be divided on a particular group of your friends. Suppose there are friends who you are grouped separately because not too familiar or close to, so the information can be shared for you limit them easily.

Make a list of groups of friends can get through Friends> All Friends and Create New List, or when you're sending or receiving an invitation of friends new friends through Add to the list .... Then to manage any information that you show to one group of friends or a list of some friends through Settings> Privacy Settings> Profile.


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