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Facebook as Social Networking sites are very popular today has enabled a feature for the user username. With this feature users will make it easier when Facebook wants to give an address to someone else, because it would be easier to remember.

Before the features of this username, a Facebook profile page address is very complicated because it consists of rows of numbers like With this feature your username so we can make the address into Facebook like

And to keep in mind if you want to change the profile address on your Facebook account is created username contains only alphanumeric characters (az .0-9) or dot (.) by at least 5 characters long. And the profile address (username) that you created the new can not be replaced again, so make sure the username that you've chosen really fit what you want and do not get the wrong type.

For steps to create a Facebook profile page username you first must enter the address and then you will find some suggestions username. You can choose one of them if there is at will or put others in the field provided.

Do not forget to click "Check availability" to make sure the username you created are still available and can be used or are not able to because there are other people who have used it. if still available then there will be further confirmation to use the username. After click Confirm, you will find information from Facebook that the end of your username has been set.

Next address like That your name can use when you notify your friends or acquaintances about your presence in the service's most popular Social Networking is Facebook.


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