Using Facebook as a media for promote the blog


Facebook is not a death, Comeon using facebook as media for promote the blog. There are only provided services to satisfy the Facebook addict. One that I use today is Simplaris Blogcast facility. Here we can share our blogs written in easily or promotion blog.


For a blogger like me, this facility is important to attract visitors or increase traffics to your blog, by placing a link or feed Blog on Facebook, I hope people are interested in visiting my blog. Amen.

For bloggers who do not know how, please follow the steps below!

1. Log into your Facebook account.
2. After logging into facebook, in the lower left or in the footer facebook, you click the "Aplikasi" then "Cari banyak lagi".

3. Enter a keyword in Simplaris Blogcast application search facility.

4. After application "Simplaris Blogcast" appears. Please click the option "Go to Application" or "ke aplikasi (kalau pkai b.indonesia)" and "Izinkan" or "Allow" to run the application.

5. Now you stay enter your blog feeds and congratulations you have used Simplaris Blogcast services.


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