Lapan: Badai Matahari Terjadi Antara 2012-2015


Lapan: Solar Storm Happen Between 2012-2015

Science-fiction movie '2012 'which tells about the occurrence of solar storms (flares) rather than a mere fabrication. Flare is expected to occur between the years 2012-2015. However, do not necessarily eliminate this world civilization.

"Lapan estimated peak solar activity will occur between 2012 to 2015. At the height of the cycle, solar activity will be high and solar storms," said the head of public relations of Lapan "Elly Kuntjahyowati" in the AFP received, Thursday (4/3/2010 ).

Flare is, she argues, is one of the activities other than the sun's magnetic field, sunspots, corona burst mass, solar wind and energetic particles. Solar explosions that can be up to the earth. However, flares are expected to occur it would not immediately make the world destroyed.

"People are a lot of connections between the issue of solar storms of 2012 Resurrection Maya prophecy. It was from observing Lapan, solar storms will not immediately destroy the world civilization," she added.

The effect of the storm, she added, the ultimate impact on high technology such as satellite and radio communications. Satellites can lose control and radio communication will be disconnected.

"Other effects, solar activity contributes to climate change. When solar activity increases, the sun will heat up. As a result, world temperatures will rise and climate change," said Elly.

Solar particles penetrating the layers of the earth's atmosphere will affect weather and climate. The impact of extreme, can cause drought. But this is still under review by the researchers.

Lapan also intend to socialize the impact of solar activity to the community. Socialization of Space Weather Phenomena 2012-2015 would be held at the Postgraduate Building 3rd floor, Udayana University, Jl Jenderal Sudirman, Denpasar, Bali on March 9, 2010 at 11.00 Wita. ****


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