How to Easily Create and Adding Meta Tags in Blog


One way to optimize your blog in Google search engine list is to create and add a meta tag inside the HTML code blog. For this step you will not be an expert in HTML, because it is easy to any beginner bloggers can add Meta tags on the blog.

To add meta tags we can use a tool that aids in site.

Steps Creating and Adding a meta tag:
1. Sign kesitus by clicking the link.

2. In the Title field blank.

3. In the Description field fill your blog description.

For example: Blog where learning to make blogs and decorating blogs.

4. In the Keywords field, fill in the keyword or keywords that you seek, for example, because of your blog about blog tutorial you enter this keyword: Blogs, learning, ornamental, templates, create.

5. Click the Create button META tags.

6. Copy the results of a meta tag creation tool.

7. Log into your blogger dashboard. Log in to the menu layout or the layout blog, select the Edit HTML sub-menu.
8. Find the following code in your blog's html:

<title> </title> complitly like this <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>

9. Then paste or add the meta tag code below script
it. To become like this. Do not forget to add a slash (/) at the end of the meta tag.

<meta name="Description" content="Blog tempat belajar membuat blog dan menghias blog.">
<meta name="Keywords" content="Blog, belajar, hias, template, buat."/>

10. Final step we do is save the changes to this template by pressing the Save Template button. Done.

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Happy blogging....:)


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