The first group of pilgrims depart tomorrow


JAKARTA, (PRLM) .- The departure of Hajj pilgrims flew the group in 1430 Hijri (Group) first embarkation Jakarta will begin tomorrow Friday (23 / 9) at 6:00 pm. Departure, the congregation planned to be released by the new Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali.

In 12 other embarkation throughout Indonesia, the first departure group will begin tomorrow. In each region, the release will be the governor of each.

It was mentioned by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Bahrul Hayat in a press conference at the Ministry of Religious Affairs Jakarta, Thursday (22/10). "Standing at Arafat as Ummul al-Qura calendar is estimated to Makkah took place on 26 November," he said.

As many as 207,000 pilgrims will be divided into 487 of group. PT Garuda Indonesia Airlines will carry 302 group (114,094 people) and Saudi Arabian Airlines carrying 176 Group (78,741 people).

In organizing this year's hajj, the pilgrimage Ministry promised to get service lodging, transportation, and consumption is good. All the preparations are finished declared.



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